HeartCatch Precure – 40 Released

if Makhazol can do it on Gyrozetter so can I

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Operation Maximum Trolling:

1) Release HeartCatch 39 just after Smile 39 airs. See how many people get massively confused.
2) Then take people off guard by doing it again with HC40 after Smile 40. See how many people weren’t expecting it to happen again.
3) Reveal that I only had pretimes and raws from back in the day for those two episodes, so don’t expect anymore after this unless someone wants to do a lot of thankless work for me. :V

That said, doing these two eps has kind of done a lot to remind me how much I do love the franchise, despite Smile being… Smile. I actually hadn’t watched them before, having basically stopped watching the show when all the ~fansub drama~ occured that made us drop it originally, basically just watching the final ep and that’s it after that. But HC39 is really the perfect filler ep, and this is the perfect plot ep. The same scene sent chills down my spine each one of the four times I saw it in the process of working on this episode, and god damn it reminds me just how good Precure can be when it tries.


3 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure – 40 Released

  1. The only real problem with 39 is that it was sandwiched between the absolutely amazing 38 and this episode (although in my case I always watch the movie after 39, so that makes it even worse). It is a good episode by itself but it really doesn’t belong where it is; it just plain messes with the tension flow by getting rid of all of it only to send it right back to a high level straight afterwards. It’s something that should have been brought out about 15-20 episodes beforehand.

  2. so does that mean no more heartcatch? awwwwwwwwwww!

    also something else that I wanted to ask relating to the series as a whole. as you know every continuity has a different art style, so whats your favorite and least favorite art style. I like 5’s brightness and suites realistic approach. fresh would be my least favorite as coming of off gogo it looks really…. plain. its good but really plain to me.

  3. Bro, I cracked up laughing reading this post, because a few weeks ago I REALLY DID carelessly download your release of Heartcatch thinking it was Smile.

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