Smile Precure – 37 Released

wolf de run run wolfrun run

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script

And so the rollercoaster of Smile’s quality stops climbing, and engages in the gradual descent right before the big scary dive that every good rollercoaster has to have.

No, I guess this is an alright ep. It has Wolfrun being hammy as fuck, and that’s about as much as I can ask of this show nowadays, as a general rule.

17 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 37 Released

        • I think Precure 5 will always be my favourite.

          Partly because it’s great anyway, and partly because it’s my first and it kinda started in the most amazingly cool way and hooked me

          • what do you think about gogo? does it stand as a sequel the same way max heart did to the original? ur hilarious btw.

            • I haven’t actually watched GoGo yet, it’s probably something I should get around to sometime. I was too lazy to track down raws and I kinda figure the fansubbers will have to do it for me, so I’ll wait for them to be done and watch it. :V

              From the few clips I’ve seen though, Milky Rose is basically boss as fuck, which gives me high hopes (even though people tend to be of the impression it’s not as good)

  1. one more and ill stop bugging you O mighty lord.
    what season do you think is the worst of the bunch BUT it must already be done! smiles got 13 or less episodes to redeem itself so pick one thats finished.

    • man, that’s difficult, because I kinda like all of them. Maybe Fresh, I guess? But even then, that’s like saying it’s the worst kind of chocolate sundae, they’re all kinda great (except Smile lol)

      • thanks!

        but man if the most recent season is bad to you we may be in trouble. or gasp could it be experiencing……. SEASONAL ROT?

        or Shoji Yonemura is still a terrible writer who knows.

        • actually wait I checked his profile on smile and hes only wrote 10 so far. almost done with the show and only 10 written. jesus.

          • yeah i was shocked by that too, i must admit

            it’s kind of shocking to think there are multiple people involved in the ‘creative’ process of a show this bad and none of them stop it

          • Don’t forget that Yonemura is also the guy responsible for the series composition, not just individual episodes.

            • your kidding right? dear lord why is toei still giving this guy a job? because his writing can make a lot of toys?

              he’s already targeted 2 of the super hero time triangle. everyone pray he dosent attack sentai as well.

            • anyway to wrap up this long comment chat I wanna say I appreciate a strong and manly man as yourself who likes pretty cure.

              I always see idiots calling it a sailor moon ripoff (though they say all magical girl shows are) and say its stupid when they miss its polished cast great story and of course its brilliant action.

              lets hope next year will be much better as we dive into doki doki precure. your awesome magneta.

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