6 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 35 Released

  1. A.K.A. HELL YEAH, MOTHERFUCKERS: the episode
    Hot damn, I really enjoyed this one. Even more than 33, and that was a good one, though not my favorite overall.

  2. That’s it, people. Time to pack it up. Smile reached the apex of its existence with this episode and there’s no reason to continue anymore.

    Time to sub HC, Magenta.

    • If I’m not mistaken, he wanted to stick with this series to the very end, for better or worse.

      Wouldn’t that be like bailing out when you’re getting near the finish line?

  3. Agreed on this, Magenta’s come too far to turn back now; besides, since this is a joint with Anxious-Helium, it wouldn’t be good to even think about bailing out of this one. Besides, it looks like we might be closing in on climax time a few weeks from now.

    • You do know that shows from this franchise generally have an ep count from 47-50, right? So, Magenta likely isn’t quite out of the woods yet. ^.^0

      With that said, I’m getting the impression that he’s waiting for the rest to have aired before finishing it all. After all, this undertaking can be quite the strain on one’s mind…

    • trust me when i say i think about bailing on this godawful show all the time

      the problem is i have too much of a sense of duty to actually fucking do it

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