Smile Precure – 34 Released

whoops, i spoiled the episode

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A lot of the time I talk about Smile being really bad in these release posts, and occasionally I talk about the really good episodes that crop up every now and again that kind of manage to keep you watching so you have to suffer through the bad ones. Today, however, I’d like to talk about bland.

This episode is bland. There’s no avoiding it. It’s dull, really made me feel nothing towards it (Actually, that’s a lie: I ended up sympathizing with a character the episode wanted me to dislike) and to top it off it’s a soulless retread of an episode that HeartCatch did around this time. And I don’t mean in concept, I mean as in “every part of the 3-act structure of the episode is exactly the same as HeartCatch 36.” HeartCatch 36 was a really nice, touching episode. This isn’t.

There’s literally nothing to be gained from watching this episode of Smile. It’s a boring filler ep that serves no purpose either as entertainment or as a contribution to the show’s… existence. I was considering the word ‘story’ there, but I’m sure you can tell why I didn’t use it.

As such, here’s my proposition. Go watch HeartCatch 36. It’s really good! It’s a nice little self-contained story, it has a nicer song at the end than this ep of Smile, the actual problem and moral message it deals with is, IMO, a lot more relatable, and quite frankly it’s an episode about Cure Moonlight kicking ass and taking names: what’s not to love?

So please, enjoy that ep!

5 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 34 Released

  1. I think many of us agree wih you about how this episode of Smile Precure was nothing more than a blatant copy of the HeartCatch Precure fashion show episode (I honestly liked that episode a whole lot more from all angles). However, if anything, we finally have a chance to see your take on this SmPC episode, character dialouge wise (still downloading this episode for that alone).

    My beef was that most of us were hoping that the main SmPC stars would be seen actually singing the insert song for this episode; instead we get shafted (they were heard in the background).

    In short – this episode really wasn’t a total loss, but I (and possibly the majority) agree that the HeartCatch Precure episode there was a whole lot better than this.

  2. In all fairness, Heartcatch was going to be one of the first Precures I’d watch after the original anyways.

    Still, it sure sounds like your typical Toei laziness here. I mean, considering the things they tended to do in their older toku productions (recycling the same music tracks, for one)…

    • In fairness, they have been using the same music cues since Fresh. They add a couple new tracks each season, but for the most part it’s same-old, same-old.

      • It’s exactly the opposite really. They add more than a couple of new tracks – they add two whole OST discs worth. That’s 50-60 new songs each series, and for the most part they use THOSE songs, but occasionally they use a couple of tracks from older seasons – probably because they think those tracks fit well already. Hell, sometimes the new series even use those tracks more effectively than the series they came from.

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