Smile Precure – 32 Released

float like a butterfly, sting like a fucking lion

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I knew exactly what I wanted to say in regards to this episode. The fact I said “in regards to” instead of “about of” sums up exactly why I’ve chosen not to say it. It involves a lot of “it’s because of that”s and “if only”s and “but”s, that maybe talk a lot about this show in ways I’ve already talked about this show, but are entirely unfair to this specific episode of it.

So I’ll keep this short and simple.

This was an absolutely excellently written episode of Smile. Seeing Miyuki in her fucking element, at the height of what a good character she can be, is fucking awesome to watch and translate. It has its issues, certainly, most of them involving Candy and lazy stock footage. But when this show comes alive, it fucking comes alive, and what fun it is.

Next week even looks like a fun filler ep! Could this be another 16-19 block we stand on the precipice of? One certainly hopes so!

Enjoy the episode!

5 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 32 Released

  1. Sounds like someone’s finally starting to enjoy Smile again. Hopefully, it’ll stay that way.

  2. Its a testament to the writing of this episode how it managed to put the first 20 episodes of the series into a new perspective. Damn.

    • I’ll stand by my response to that at the time: If they actually made those episodes intending for them to feed back into this, that’s really clever writing. I suspect it was something they noticed in retrospect, though.

      • I don´t know, i like to think that they did have an idea of what kind of message the show should portray, but with the advent of the Princess forms and the Summer episodes they kind of forgot about it, and now while writing this episode they just though “hey, remember what we were trying to do like, 2 months ago…”

        I think the curse of the summer episodes its starting to take a toll in these series, Smile filler episodes were entertaining but not engaging, which is ultimately my only issue with Smile, its entertaining but it doesn´t compells me to keep watching.

  3. ‘The fact I said “in regards to” instead of “about of” sums up’

    “say about of this episode” isn’t English, darling.

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