Smile Precure – 27 Released

candy is the real elephant in the room

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I think this episode marks a point where I’ve had a lot more fun writing Smile by just not treating it as a thing I care about and being prepared to just go along with whatever batshit ideas I have for writing the characters (you may see this with Wolfrun in this ep).

What worries me is that the crack team of people whose jobs it is to ensure I don’t do anything too stupid seem to be okay with this. I do not know who I should fear for in this equation, or if I should just merely accept it.

9 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 27 Released

  1. Your batshit ideas on how to write the characters are why I don’t bother with Doremi. Seriously, Smile is just more fun to watch that way.

    • Definitely this; I’ve been comparing existing version of Smile Precure and so far, the Aesir-Anxious take on it is without a doubt the best, character dialouge wise. For the most part, it matches the character personalities better as well.

    • aaaaaaaaa they’ve all gotten held up by various things sorry

      28+29: Basically done at this point, need a final lookover
      30: I asked to do something stupid with it that’s holding it up. My bad.
      31: Translated it yesterday after it aired so MY WORK HERE IS DONE.

      • All right; great to see that both teams are still on this job. Looking forward to your takes on the said episodes that you all have to catch up on.

    • From the previous I’ve seen, it looks like it might be the case. But I’m still looking forward to Aesir-Anxious’ take on the episodes they have to catch up on, including the one that just aired.

      Honestly, the “filler episodes” aren’t really that bad (for 28, 29, and 30) IMO. But 31 looks like something critical is about to come down starting from that point.

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