Kamen Rider Fourze – 48 (The Finale) Released!

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Holy fuck we actually finished a series. The heavens shall open and blood shall rain from the skies, but after two fucking years Aesir has actually finished a show.

And what a show it’s been. I’ll go into more detail about how much I loved this show in another post, but for now, lemme just say what an honor and a pleasure it’s been to both watch and subtitle this show.

I think what I’d like to do with this post is thank all the people who’ve been involved and helped me as I’ve worked on this project. This might get a bit long and a bit soppy, so I’ll do you all a favor and put it under a cut if you don’t want to read it. If not, enjoy the episode, and thank you for watching Kamen Rider Fourze!

Well, it’s been a long road. This all started way back when in August or so last year, when I’d been out of the translation game for a little bit and was looking for an excuse to get back into it. Fourze was coming up, and I was absolutely smitten from first sight – the gloriously rompyness of it all just captured my imagination entirely. At that point it looked like HeatMetal – my fellow translator at Over-Time – was going to hate the show, so I was pretty excited about getting to be lead for the first time on a show that looked so great. Then, of course, he turned out to love it, and at that point my heart was so set on doing the show in my own style that, well, I decided to do it anyway under the Aesir flag.

That is not to imply there is animosity – for the biggest thanks I must give is to the guys at Over-Time. Branching out to make a competing product would, with anyone other than people as awesome as them, with people whom I was not as good friends with as with them, probably have been the end of that working relationship in most fansub groups. That they have not only tolerated me doing what I do but encouraged, supported and provided assistance throughout is a testament to how great they are to work with, and they have my utmost thanks. To Lobster and Ignis, their encoder and timer respectively, I must give most thanks – for the framework they provide in terms of encodes and pretimes is what enables me to do what I do, and this project here at Aesir would utterly not exist without them.

To tootbrush and Alkaid, my lovely QCs – thank you. You were the only line of defense between my atrocious habit for doing very stupid things, and those very stupid things reaching the outside world in the scripts. Special thanks especially to toot, who is very very tolerant of me constantly making its/it’s errors for an entire year-long series, even though he probably regrets volunteering to check my scripts over now. V:

To mktn and Drazic, who’ve distroed for me this whole show. My connection is poop and getting this stuff out into the world only really happens because of them. Drazic earns extra masochism points for being part of Over-Time’s distro and still being willing to waste bandwidth and space helping me out. All I can do is say, again, thanks – I really couldn’t have done it without you.

A big thanks to all the people who have just been great fun to discuss the show with. There’s a lot of people in a lot of IRC channels that fall under that banner, and that basically includes everyone I’ve listed above, but also thanks to people like takenoko, Lynxara, grandeforce and Makhazol who’ve sat there and just talked about this show with me for stupid lengths of time.

To Frumix: I-It’s not like I want to thank you or anything, baka!

And with that out the way, I wanna thank all you guys. I was kinda aware from the moment I went solo on this that it was going to be very much a pet project, as with Over-Time being able to cater to the same userbase at faster speeds and equivalent quality, there just wasn’t much of a reason for people to put their faith in a group like us who have a bit of a shaky track record with reliability. Perhaps the part of me that feels the most guilty is how much effort I’ve made the people above put into the show when our viewerbase is so small, but while I enjoy knowing that people are getting something from my work, for me the real honor has been getting to do it at all.

Working on Fourze’s meant a lot to me – it’s a show that exemplifies everything I want from and like about the medium, and it’s simply been a delight to put my spin on it and try and channel its tone as best as I can. Characters like Kijima, like Libra, like Ryuusei, have been a delight to write and try and get into the heads of, and a real challenge to sharpen my skills. I guess for me the honor is to know that I’ve been able to sit here and make sure more people can enjoy the show in the way I have.

So even if you haven’t watched our subs, if you’re reading this, lemme say thanks. If reading some of the explanations I’ve provided about the show, or any of the lyric translations I’ve done, or just listening to me ramble on and on has made you appreciate and enjoy the show a bit more, then I feel like I’ve done my job.  Thanks for watching, reading, providing feedback (be it support or criticism) and just being a part of the experience.

It’s gonna be tough to say goodbye to this show, with how hard it’s wormed its way into my heart. I hope in some way or another, we’ve helped it do the same for you.

Thanks for watching.

– Magenta

12 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 48 (The Finale) Released!

  1. I used to go to T-N for Kamen Rider shows, but I decided to try other groups for this series and I found Aesir. If you guys decide to do Wizard, then I’m with you for the long haul again. Everyone at Aesir, you did a great job and there’s no turning back for me. Good translations, editing and good turn speed (generally). Thank you. 宇宙キター!

    • Alas, no Wizard I’m afraid. I’ve taken on a lot more shows than I intended to this year, and cutting one from my schedule will be a welcome boost to getting through my backlog (plus, Wizard looks like it’s going to be cut from the same cloth as Kiva, and I really don’t have the words to express my loathing at this) If it turns out to be alright, I’ll probably end up helping on the Over-Time version like with OOO.

      And thank you for watching! Glad we could be of service.

      • Well, whatever you decide to do good luck with it. At least the protagonist isn’t cut from the same cloth as Kiva. Quite the opposite it seems like, but we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll check out O-T’s if you decide to help with it.

  2. Without you, I would have never enjoyed Fourze the way I did. Your insight and translations hit a note that no other group did. You could tl a government legislation program and I’d watch it at least for the inventive translations and occasional sub effects. Thank you (and everyone you thanked, of course) for everything. Even if you don’t pick up government legislation, I look forward to lolis and Advengers!

    • Ah nuts, I knew I should have asked for caps of Government Legislation Strikes Back: Legislate Harder.

      Thanks, though. Honestly, a lot of the joy in translating for me is in getting to explain and discuss things with people, and some of those long strings of translation talk we’ve had over the course of the show have been real highlights to the point I feel like an asshole for not remembering to thank you in the post. Expect time paradoxes imminently.

  3. Okay, so I’m totally late to your subbing… As in final episode of Fourze kind of late, but I checked it out, and compared it to T-N and OverTime, and found that I like your version the best. It was the most personal, I feel. So I went and downloaded the entire series from you. ^^ And my gut-feeling was right; there’s a sense of *care* for the characters and their lines, like you bother to personalize them in a way the other groups doesn’t, and it really hit home. I know enough Japanese (I’m by no means fluent, or I wouldn’t need subs) to realize that sometimes your subs doesn’t match what they’re saying word by word (enough for me to go: ‘but s/he didn’t say THAT did s/he?) but the overall FEEL of it definitely wins in my book. You’ve done something absolutely fantastic here and I can only congratulate you. Thank you for working on Fourze and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your subbing group. (Or is this a one-man project? I’m not sure…) Your homepage is now bookmarked and I’ll keep my eye out on more subs from you! :D

    • It’s somewhere between one man project and full-on group. I have a lot of help, is I guess how I’d put it, haha. My goal with Fourze as a pet project was basically to ensure that every word that ended up in the script was my own, and to see how far that’d take me without having editors and other translators directly making alterations – if I needed help, I’d ask for inspiration rather than direct solutions.

      It’s not an approach I’d recommend or say is entirely sensible, but in terms of stamping that certain feel upon the show, I think it’s been invaluable. Not to say it’s without it’s flaws: There’s a definite point towards the end of the show, for example, where I realize I’ve kinda just stopped writing Gentarou with any real flair (it’s so easy to fall into the trap of losing the individuality when a character is the viewer’s mouthpiece so much) and suddenly kick it up a notch, and there are a few stylistic choices I make that a second pair of translator eyes would have probably (rightly) talked me out of, but such is life.

      I guess it’s good to know that with a much more small-scale operation I’ve put out something that people have still enjoyed, so thank you!

  4. After hearing on how you took the Woolseyism (a method of adaptation that brings dialogue and concepts while done in a way that foreign audiences understand, named after Ted Woolsey of SquareEnix fame) approach for Fourze, I think I may check it out at some point. It’s nice to see when people go the extra mile when it comes to fansubbing. :) As such, don’t ever lose that drive of yours!

    Also, concerning your backlog, it would be a good idea to shift a little focus back to Dendoh, especially since mech anime fansubbing is still in full swing. I hear talk that a commenter on AXSUS wanted that show to be “rescued from the sub ninjas”.

    • Ah, Woolsey was a little before my time, I’m afraid. Honestly, the Woolsey sort of logic is great if you can sit down with a finished work and plan, but the thing with a weekly show is you have to be very careful about where you step: You never know if something is going to come back and be relevant, or be referenced again in a different context. There’s actually quite a few choices in my Fourze translations that are the results of (inaccurately) attempting to guess where events are going to go – luckily in a manner that made my choices ‘less right’ as opposed to wrong, but I digress.

      If we do want to use the analogy, though, Alexander O. Smith is more my gaming translator inspiration than Woolsey. The man has an incredible talent for building a world in his writing.

      • Speaking of Smith, I did hear of him though I regrettably haven’t experienced much of his work at all (as of this writing: I only played Madworld). But yeah that seems about right (although Jeremy Blaustein has a similar reputation and notoriety, but I digress).

        But yeah, all that is quite true. It’s like blind-buying in that respect, I think; you don’t even know if you’ll get enjoyment as a result.

  5. I’ve been kinda back and forth with your work, but what I saw of your work with Fourze I really did enjoy.

    It makes me a little sad you won’t be doing Wizard in your own style. It strikes me as a series that would benefit from your “flashy” style, and I hear there is lots of Engrish and punnery! But, I understand taking on a lot of projects. Maybe, if you like it…make it a back-burner? Something you get to now and then?

    Anyway, thanks for Fourze and all you did.

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