Kamen Rider Fourze – 47 Released

probably a fairly accurate synopsis

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It’s been a long road, hasn’t it, Fourze? About a year ago now that you and I started on this little journey. It was a bit weird at first, going out on my own to try doing a show again after my previous attempts at subbing didn’t really pan out. Something about you – that sense of fun and rompiness – just called out to me, and I wanted to take another chance at subbing stuff again.

We’ve been through some great highs together, and some lows. Sometimes you had me crying, sometimes laughing, sometimes you were frankly just a bit dull. And through bad moods, health, and events, you’ve always been there to pick me up a bit.

It’s true you could probably have done with a few more episodes here, and the way you film so far ahead of schedule meant that by the time you knew you were going to lose an ep to the Olympics, it was probably a bit late to compensate for it. So yeah, maybe this episode’s script felt a bit disjointed, and I had to put in a bit more work to make it all sing like it should. But after all the fun and great times you’ve given me, how could I not show you the effort you deserve?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s been fun, spending time working on you. And I know that getting your ending right isn’t always the most easy thing in the world, especially in a Kamen Rider show. But even if your ending does end up being a bit batshit, and I end up hating it for whatever reason, we’ve had fun together, and you’ll always hold a very special place in my heart. No matter where this all ends up leading to, you’ll always have my respect, and I’ll forgive you if it does end up being a bit… iffy.

Because after all… isn’t that what friends are for?

8 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 47 Released

  1. Nice to hear that you’ve been enjoying this series as a whole, Magenta!

    As I am something of a Showa rider fan, I’ve been fairly wary of which modern series I should avoid, so Fourze may be something worth looking into for me someday.

    It’s just too bad you’ll have to go back into Smile territory after the next ep, though. :-(

    • It took me a while to think whether to respond to this objectively or subjectively, and I’ll go with the objective, I think.

      If you’re a big Showa rider fan, you will probably hate Fourze. I love it to bits as a show, I think despite some flaws it’s been an incredible experience, but it is kind of the antithesis of what Showa rider was. It’s not about big character drama and serious business and camp villains, it’s about little heart-warming moments, goofball characters you can’t help but love and villains who take themselves entirely too seriously for their own level of competence.

      But I adore what it is, which is a show that will stop at nothing to just make itself engaging and fun.

      • A fair warning, that.

        While I am fairly accepting of things (though nowadays I introduce a friend of mine to various mech anime before I try them out, since he’s got an eye for quality), I certainly have learned of how much of a mixed bag the Heisei era has been, putting aside Toshiki Inoue’s gradual fall from grace. There’s also the fact that I do generally prefer watching tokusatsu done before the new zeroes, since CGI feels less “real”, more so than in anime, so you do have a point.

        Of course, it’s not like I was expecting any bike-riding in here, which is probably justified in this case (no matter if it’s to be environmental or saving on budget *coughKiva*cough*, a Kamen Rider without a bike is…like eating just the crust of a pizza. It just doesn’t feel the same).

        Regardless of that, good luck all the same with the finale.

        • When Fourze whips out the bikes, it does so with aplomb. Same with their giant robot. V:

          And actually, something I really like about Fourze is that they have Sakamoto at the helm, and he does a lot more wire-fu than over-use of CGI. Admittedly there’s a lot of CGI thrown about, but Fourze tries to make use of practical effects where it’s viable, which is an approach I really appreciate.

          This last ep actually ended on a really nice wire-fu+CGI effect which, while very simple (it was someone being flung back and skimming through the ground leaving a trail in their wake as they landed) was probably one of the technically coolest things I’ve seen the franchise do

          • Well, all that helps. Thank god for rider action.

            It’s a relief to hear that an actual giant robot gets used for once, even though it goes against the older series tradition. I say that because with some of the previous franchise entries, I got the impression that if they’re going to bring in one of these anyway (because it’s, you know, a Toei production), they were just holding themselves back with Faiz’s “mecha” bike and the Den-liner train.

            Plus, I adore wire-fu. :D

            In any case, I still got a backlog of anime and sentai to clear, so I may take all that into consideration. I did watch some of Ultraman Tiga, so I’m ready, special-effects wise.

    • It’s safe to say O-T is picking up Wizard. Heat seems hyped for it, if he doesn’t want to do it, we might swap so he does Go-Bus and I do Wizard, if that’s a no-go, then I’ll probably stick on Go-Bus and we have a third translator offering to do Wizard, so… V:

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