Smile Precure – 25 Released

proving there is such a thing as too many rainbows

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script

It’s probably sad that even when this show has a pretty damn good filler ep, I find myself embittered towards it because of the show that it’s in, and that its existence is entirely contributing to the shows lack of plot. And there’s 4 more months of this.

Fuck my life, fuck this show.

18 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 25 Released

  1. Thank you so much!
    I understand this is the part of the series which is the most boring, and the episodes will be released much later.

  2. Many thanks for this episode; but this question still must be asked — who had the duty to translate the ED2 that started with this episode?

    Also agreed with Elga N and we understand where you’re coming from with this entry; the thing I have an issue with was who in the heck wrote the music for the 2nd ED. It’s just… terrible for the most part.

    • I threw a small hissy fit about how bad it was and Nemui (who’s Anxious’ TL) did the translation for it, which turned out to be a great idea as his TL is a lot better than what I would have done with that song.

  3. I don’t get it.
    What do you mean with Smile having no plot?
    Isn’t the plot just collect silly things and defeat the evil overlord of the season?

  4. Wasn’t the director also responsible for Masked Rider Kabuto?

    I wonder what that says about this show.

  5. I thought that we will see a new PreCure, but no.
    Is there a possibility that this will have a sequel, next year?
    I know it’s that annoying anniversary…

    • The anniversary is gonna be until 2014, since Futari wa (the first series) was premiered in january of 2004.
      And I don’t know what do you mean with sequel? Something like in Yes 5?

      • Toei isn’t that sensible with how it treats anniversaries, though. For example, both OOO and Fourze were 40th anniversary shows for Kamen Rider, and the one celebrating 10 years of the series reboot ended before the 10 year mark even occured.

        If they do a 10-year anniversary show, it’ll be the 10th show. That’s just how they roll.

  6. *pats Magenta* There there. You’ll be all right soon. After all, the show’s halfway through at this point (if past installments are any indication), so do try to hang tough until then. At least it won’t go past 50 eps at most.

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