Kamen Rider Fourze – 46 Released

a perfectly well adjusted girl

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Writing Gamou is still the best.

So uh yeah that whole doing Fourze before Smile thing seems to work pretty well. Let’s stick with that, shall we, for all two weeks it matters?

Yeah, I think I can go for that.

One small spoilery TL note after the jump, and enjoy the ep!

So towards the end of the ep, Libra’s ‘catchphrase’ comes up again – specifically it involves him using words that contain either the kanji for “heavy” or “light”, because he’s Libra and the Scales and weights and bla bla bla. So anyway, he uses the phrase “sonzai no omosa”, meaning literally the “weight of one’s existence” – one’s effect and contribution to the world – and using the kanji for heavy. I translated this as “Not to be taken lightly” just to maintain the trend of using the words “heavy” and “light” I’ve been using to handle this throughout the series, but I just thought I should mention it because ~translation~.

I hope that sufficiently bored you.

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