Kamen Rider OOO x Kamen Rider Fourze: Movie Wars Megamax Blu-Ray (with Over-Time)

typesetting is fun guys really

Torrent | Clean Script | Typeset Script

oh god that’s a long title

So like I’ve been saying ever since the DVD came out, I wanted to wait until the Blu-Ray came out for Megamax and do a joint release on it with Over-Time. There are many reasons for this, most of them involving it being kind of stupid to be distroing two giant-ass Blu-Ray encodes of the same movie using the same raw for no reason, but also that it’s better to do the typesetting on a non-anamorphic raw, and the actual scripts are like 90% similar anyway, and bla bla.

So tl;dr, I’m part of Over-Time and doing my own translation of Fourze here is kind of just a pet project because I love the show so much and didn’t want to have to share it. As such, I worked on the Over-Time version of the script anyway to help on the other sections, and make whatever fixes and contributions I could. As such, the Aesir script is like 90% the same as the Over-Time script anyway, with the Fourze stylistics changed to match our own, and apart from that just a few tweaks to lines where I had flashes of inspiration later.

So, this release has four scripts you can shuffle through and select. They are:

Track 1: Over-Time’s script with song translations in
Track 2: Over-Time’s script without the song translations for less distraction
Track 3: The ‘clean’ Aesir script, without effects
Track 4: The ‘typesetting apocalypse’ Aesir script with attack/transformation effects that I put far too much time into for stuff I’m never going to use again V:

Apologies for the delay on a formal release for this, but while O-T has the manpower and distro power to just fling out 500 versions of a movie, I am much more reliant on the generosity of others and really wanted to put as little burden on people – and O-T – as possible.

I hope you enjoy the movie whatever version or script you watch or have watched!

11 thoughts on “Kamen Rider OOO x Kamen Rider Fourze: Movie Wars Megamax Blu-Ray (with Over-Time)

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  2. Is there plans for a 1080, or is one of those cases where it looks the same upscaled from 720 as it does 1080 native?

    • Yeah, I don’t think there’s any real benefit to the 1080, from what I’ve heard. Pretty much all Toei’s toku stuff is like that, alas.

  3. Is it just me or is there something wrong with the sound? There seems to be serious issues when ever the transforming gimmick does its call out. The sounds seem to cut out or be extremely quiet or don’t seem to mix well at all. I noticed it the most with the OOO’s little call outs. I don’t recall this issue being in the streams is all…

    • Do you have the old version that only had a badly downsampled stereo version? In the new version it’s 5.1 and the sounds you’re talking about are just very hard panned to the right channel. Actually, in the case of OOO it’s Left->Center->Right as it reads the three, with W’s just left->right. It’s kind of an obnoxious effect tbh, but the sounds are all there.

    • when the word SUPER appears that many times in close succession, one has to do something to differentiate them V:

      but the entire thing is completely ridiculous and treating it as such is always a good thing

  4. can you please sub the director’s cut version of this movie?

    I’ve been trying many site but all the link are already dead.

    sorry for asking.
    thank you.

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