Kamen Rider Fourze – 45 Released

i always find it funny when “kioku shita ka?” is translated as “Committed it to memory?”

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Gamou is entirely too fun to write.

So, uh, yeah this is a bit late. Sorry about that. The three weeklies thing has been burning me out a bit as of late, as I’ve just realized I’ve been really going about this entirely the wrong way – I was translating Smile before Fourze (on the twin merits of “nobody watches our Fourze anyway” and “I enjoy Fourze the most so it’s a nice way to wind down.”) and to be honest I’m not sure that’s sensible any way you wanna cut it – I TL Go-Busters within like 3-12 hours of that airing, then do Smile, tend to burn out a bit at that point (possibly because Smile is, well, Smile) and then Fourze lingers. It’s double stupid because Fourze is really just something I translate, my lovely QC takes a look over, and then it’s pretty much out the same day I TL it. Meanwhile, Smile is something I tend to translate the day after it airs and then it’s sitting around for a while anyway because of other peoples’ RL schedules.

So yeah, I’m gonna prioritize Fourze – what’s left of it, anyway – over Smile from now on, which might even get us back into the realms of Monday or Tuesday releases like the days of yore. No promises, though.

Anyway, one little TL note to make after the jump.

So when Ran brings Haru flowers in the hospital, she brings up the concept of the “language of flowers” which astute long-time Aesir followers may remember from some other series we got to about this point in then dropped like retards. So anyway, she describes gerberas (specifically red gerberas) as representing enigma – “shinpi” – but that… might not be the whole story.

Okay, so take this with a small grain of salt because of source, but I did some digging on THE INTERNET. While it’s pretty much agreed that Gerberas represent enigma and mystery,  some people go a bit deeper than that and say they represent mysterious (inexplicable may be a word?) love. This, to my mind, makes a lot of sense with the context of the scene: It’s kind of Ran making an unspoken confession, which explains why she’s a bit coy with answering Haru’s questions and ~a girl having her secrets~ and all that. I didn’t want to put this potential subtext into the actual script, especially as the point of the scene (if this interpretation is right) is that Ran is avoiding admitting it anyway – but I think it’s kinda cute if you do interpret it that way.

Anyway, enjoy the ep!

7 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 45 Released

  1. >nobody watches our Fourze anyway

    • I meant nobody as in “a few hundred” as opposed to the “several thousand” the other groups get. It was a relative nobody!

      But being giant faggots is our modus operandi so thank you nonetheless <3

      • It might be more people than you think– I know a lot of people who think O-T takes things too far and TV-N don’t translate enough, and you’re a happy middle ground.

        • You know, I get that a lot, and I entirely don’t understand it. I localize to a much greater degree to O-T does – especially when it comes to just localizing the names of gear and stuff. I’ve renamed the odd foodroid – or Fourze’s bike – to preserve the nature of the pun in Japanese, and to ensure the names conjure up the right images, whereas O-T generally plays stuff a lot more safe, only changing where absolutely necessary.

          With dialogue, both myself and O-T’s translator are pretty great at just running with terrible-but-brilliant ideas for localizing dialogue, and while O-T has a full team of people to temper the script and remove those kinds of extravagances, most of mine tend to survive into the final product. There are times when I feel this really pays off – Kijima comes to mind, for instance, where resculpting his dialogue fairly aggressively really helps it to shine in English – but the idea that we are somehow more conservative with our translations than them is bizarre to me.

          • My needlessly long reply just got eaten by Chrome. The machine gods must be telling me not to go tl;dr with this.

            I think it’s because people single out times where a translation is jarring. Odd honorific translations, gairaigo translations (OMG y u rite ‘soda’ wen he sed ‘ジュース’ next 2 a Pep*i can) or totally ‘unnecessary’ changes (little girl saying ‘I won’t accept your naive platitudes’, or your ‘make semi-obscure fish into totally obscure island’ TL.) Debabtable, but still jarring.

            For the most part, your releases have translations that look fitting in context. When they go near one of the three above jarring things, you put a TL note in the release. The super-localized things that end up in angry copypasta barely come up in the show (Horuwankov->Dig-Dog, Massigler->Fullthrottler.) Everyone’s happy, nobody bitches on /m/, you get a neutral reputation there. I guess neutral becomes ‘conservative’ when people try to explain Aesir’s appeal while comparing it to O-T/T-N. Not accurate, but it gets the point across.

  2. Sounds good that you’re releasing Fourze sooner. I generally prefer Aesir over O-T but I’m so impatient that I just watch whatever comes out first <3.

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