Smile Precure – 24 Released

this, too, is all decency’s fault

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script

Before anyone gets their hopes up, a brief reminder that this is the ep that aired like a fortnight ago, and we’ve just had one hell of a midsummer dream.

With that out the way…




4 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 24 Released

    • Calm down, man; did you read one of Magenta’s recent posts? Yes, I agree that Aesir-Anxious’ take on Smile Precure is better than others that are doing this show, but that doesn’t give us the right to make them hurry the process up. They’re doing fine so far even with these occasional delays.

  1. @Anonymous, yes, I’ve read. I want an answer, not the actual episode now.
    And I know to read, so please, mind your own business.

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