Temporary Status/Order Post

As we haven’t released anything for a bit and Smile’s a week behind, I just thought I’d clear up where we are on things. Edits will be in bold

Smile 23: Pretty much done at this point, will probably be out tomorrow. We’ve had various crisiseseseses amongst the staff either with people being busy or just having life taking a dump all over them, and as with all these things, fansubbing very much should take a massive backseat to one’s real life – be that duties, wellbeing or what-have-you. Apologies for the delay, anyway!
Is now out.

Smile 24: Might be a bit late too for different reasons. The encoder managed to cut his hand open and the laborious Data Entry Hooray nature of encoding is hence rather painful atm, for obvious reasons. Also, the show’s gone back to sucking again, and I am cursing myself for being optimistic about it.
[02/08/12 – 14:35:33] * Nemui changes topic to ‘Smile Precure: Ep 24: @ QC — HEY EVERYONE WE’RE MAKING PROGRESS THANKS TO NEMUI GETTING THE TLC DONE’

Fourze 44: Neither Fourze or Smile is airing this upcoming weekend, and seeing as how Over-Time handles the speed game pretty damn well, I’m pacing myself out a bit to avoid burning out.
Is now out.

After that, we get into side projects, my rough priority order for which is:

Fourze Music States: Song lyric translations hoooooo! I’d like to do Cosmic Mind and Evolvin’ Storm, at the very least. <- Done

Precure All Stars DX New Stage: This is my kind of project to fill in the gap of the weeklies being off-air. I’ve translated about 1/4 of it so far on Friday, and I’ll finish it off during the next week or so before it’s back to the grindstone. Translation is done! Hooray!

Bouken 5: I might try and TL this in the gap between New Stage and the Fourze 45/Smile 25 airing, but it depends how quickly I get through New Stage. We’ll see!

Dendoh 13: I need to sit down with the team and discuss how we’re going to handle the dumb villain trio. They’re pretty dumb.

9 thoughts on “Temporary Status/Order Post

  1. Thanks, Mag, we were wondering what was going on in the past week. Still looking forward to the upcoming Smile Precure episodes from you guys. However, IMO, I wouldn’t be THAT pessimistic for the SmPC series yet, even though I agree with you to a point that the storyline for SmPC 24 is like “WTH?” (I’m just hoping that the rest of these episodes are still worth watching and that the latter episodes are worth the wait.)

    As for Precure All-Stars New Stage, have there been any final decisions about if you guys at Aesir are going to do this solo or if it’s going to be a joint with the folks at Anxious-Helium?

    • It’s a joint, same workflow as usual. It’s just me finding time to sit down and TL 70 minutes of movie, which is generally the bane of any project that’s not a weekly. V:

      Also 23 was also pretty bad, IMO, purely in terms of it’s pacing. But yeah 24 basically came in and said “Nothing to see here for the next 4 months!” which is… frustrating after the show appeared to be going somewhere.

    • I think the evidence may say otherwise; Aesir and Anxious-Helium have been on an awesome roll with doing Smile Precure Englist translation/subbing, and I doubt that they’d quit at this point.

      As said earlier, real life stuff got in their way, so here’s hoping they’ll get back on their feet soon. Also, since Smile Precure doesn’t air again until early August, that gives them a chance to get personal situations resolved before the next episode airs.

  2. I wouldn’t worry, it happened with HeartCatch as well. It peaked at episode 21, then started going downhill fast, and around 35 it started getting better again and by 42 it was freaking amazing.

    • Man, that’s true. 25-29 were a special kind of mediocre with HeartCatch, but Smile… ugh, when I do the release post for 24 I’ll rant about it in more “no-one cares” levels of detail, but goddamn.

      • Heartcatch’s “mediocre” is about a leap above Smile’s “mediocre” is the problem.

        • Yeah, well what can you do? I guess they didn’t want to pony up the money to make something as freaking amazing as HeartCatch again.

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