Kamen Rider Fourze – 43 Released

Just to clarify, this is Doctor Maki’s actor dressed as Napoleon. This is a thing that happens.

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Apologies for the delay on this, I think I’m starting to get slightly burned out on this “having three weeklies that all air on the same day” thing. I think as much as I enjoy, and enjoy working on, Fourze, I’ll be glad when it’s over.

But with that said, this is a fun ep. It was very WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS which probably didn’t help matters, and there were a lot of moments TL-wise that kind of left me unsure how to handle them, but it’s just more plot ratching up to 11 combined with the kind of batshit insanity that’s made me love Fourze through it’s run, so I utterly cannot fault it.

Enjoy, and TL discussions after the jump.


Alright let’s start simple. In Gemini’s first appearance, she makes a point of using “a quarter” in reference to their previous fight. I think Heat over at O-T interpreted this as her only using 25% of her power, whereas I did it as like “giving a quarter of a point for effort”, but the crux of the reference is that it’s about giving a quarter. This ties into the myth behind the constellation of Gemini, and the story of the two twins it represents – Castor and Pollux. They, along with two of their cousins, conducted a cattle raid in Arcadia, with each of them taking a quarter of the cattle. However, Castor and Pollux engaged in a bet for the herd with the other two, with the winners each taking the quarters from the opposing side. Hence, Castor and Pollux were forced to give their quarters to their cousins, and this is the basis of Gemini’s line.

The more you know!

Yuuki’s parents make stupid songs about their cooking. Most of this is pretty obvious, but her mother’s part of the song involves rhyming things with ‘French’. This would be fine, except ‘French’ in Japanese ends with an ‘e’ sound (like “Frenchie”) which allows her to rhyme it with things that just don’t make sense, like “orange” (orenji) and “our house” (ore-nchi). Relevant words that rhyme with ‘french’ in English are few and far between, so one’s hands were slightly forced with that one.

The other thing is the next episode title, which literally translates as “star fate ceremony” It is referring to an event that happens next episode, that no context has been given to in the preview, and only brief mentions are given to it in the larger preview on Toei’s site. One of the few things it does mention is “going to see the Presenter”, which is the basically the only thing I have to go on in terms of establishing a translation for it. In addition, while ‘star fate’ could easily be a reference to the whole “hoshi no sadame”/”astral destiny” thing, it also could have nothing to do with it, which kind of means I have a chance of being wrong no matter how I translate it.

In the end, I went for staying safe, using the term “presenting” which I know is going to be relevant, with a vague translation of ‘cosmic fate’ for the first bit. I figure it’s better to be vague and safe than guess at an interpretation that may end up being wrong, and it’s really annoying when next ep titles reference things that the preview doesn’t really do anything to explain.

Alas. Anyway, enjoy the ep!

6 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 43 Released

  1. >Just to clarify, this is Doctor Maki’s actor dressed as Napoleon.
    It’s thing like this that make Fourze great.

  2. thanks a lot, I didn’t even know it was Dr.Maki’s actor, now I can’t unsee it XD

  3. So what was with Meteor during that whole Astroduck tied up scene? I felt like there was a joke I wasn’t getting or a monster took his voice away in a scene we didn’t see.

  4. excuse me
    can you teach me how you use assdraw3 in your softsub ?
    because i want to make it too by myself
    can you teach me

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