GEAR Fighter Dendoh – 12 Released


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So lemme go around and introduce the band!

I will be your vocalist and translator for this evening!
On the top, on drums, the one the only timing maestro, Makhazol!
To my left, the guitarist editor sensation, the all-knowing Lynxara!
To my right, on bass, the QC translation-checking master of robots, Starseeker!

Now let’s get this show on the road, baby!

7 thoughts on “GEAR Fighter Dendoh – 12 Released

  1. so allright,what is this?
    i`m watching ComBattler V at the moment,and at the pace i`m going,i need an other anime,soon.
    so is this anything like this,big robo battles (some more story than V because there`s never anything to call back on,and the commanders,are like,here is your 1643`t chance to win from V)?
    and just overall WHAT IS THIS?

    • It’s a semi-generic but incredibly well done giant robot anime. It’s very much attempting to capture the spirit of those old robot shows like Mazinger, Getter, Combattler etc., but with a more modern take and an actual plot.

      • yes,so this is all that`s good,but with at least a plot?because ComBattler V is GOOD per episode,BUT lacks a plot.
        there is a plot/story like an electronic hand that replaces the original but they never tell you when he got it(so you only know it if you watch all the shit) and even that is,like,bullshit.
        it is all SUBARASHI,like a great BIRTHDAY but all filler…


    Mmm, the only thing better than more Dendoh is even more Dendoh. I earnestly hope you guys can continue on right up to the end. Sadly, like a baby smothered in butter, this series has been dropped way too many times before. I’m rooting for you guys to do the unpossible and reach the finish!

    Thanks a lot for this dudes, and happy subbing :D

    • That’s quite the analogy.

      We’ll certainly try! Sub ninjas are evil and who knows what speed this will go at, but I’d like to see it through.

      • well i certainly hope so, because this seems like a good anime after watching parts of 11 …!

  3. Even though it’s “just” a recap episode, somehow I didn’t mind that much. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen the other episodes and it was nice to have a refresher. And it still managed to introduced new elements and advanced the plot.

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