GEAR Fighter Dendoh – 11 Released

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So let’s actually explain what’s going on here. Dendoh is a very old pet project of mine I wanted to do since first setting eyes on the series on the runup to Super Robot Wars MX’s release (which was a long, long time ago) but various technical difficulties and general ~issues~ have kind of plagued it over the years. I was talking to a few of my colleagues and associates in the realms of the toku subbing community and realized we basically had  full team of peeps who either had watched and loved the show, or really wanted to see it. And so, it’s kind of found it’s feet again.

I’m not saying it’s going to go at an amazing speed, because it’s very much a side project, and I only have the R2 DVDs for the first 24 episodes (so I might need to do some begging at some point) but some progress is better than no progress, at least!

So, we’re starting with ep 10, quite honestly, because that’s where I left off when I originally started the project back at TV-Nihon (also a long, long time ago). I was aware that /m/subs had done ep 11, but totally forgot that fact when we were starting out, so 11 kind of ended up done before someone refreshed my memory and, alas. Oh well!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy. I really like this show (and this episode, actually) and hopefully this time we can beat the sub ninjas.

3 thoughts on “GEAR Fighter Dendoh – 11 Released

  1. Good to see this being subbed again :)

    Are the first ten episodes available somewhere? Ever since MegaUpload died finding older fansubs has been pretty difficult.

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