So we were talking about Precure New Stage

{Akkun} Btw. Maybe the title should be changed into Precure x Precure – Smile & Suite – Movie Taisen New Stage. :|
{@CureGecko} Akkun: They do have other characters. Fresh and HeartCatch actually talks, others don’t
{tootbrush} next year’s movie won’t have fresh and HC talking either, since their target audience doesn’t remember/know them :P
{@Magenta} next year we’re getting Cure Decade
{@Magenta} it’s gonna be great
{@Magenta} i would actually genuinely love a Precure equivalent of Decade, where they just go back and attempt to capture the feel of any given season with only two episodes
{@Magenta} And see what clusterfuck is produced
{tootbrush} inoue will write it
{@Magenta} yessssssssssssss
{@Magenta} love falls in a river and is assumed dead
{tootbrush} (☞ ゚∀゚)☞
{tootbrush} go on
{@Magenta} precure 5 is turned into a grim, brooding show where the nozomi<—>coco<—>nuts<—>komachi<—>karen love triangles cause everyone to fall out constantly because everyone is incapable of talking to each other
{@Magenta} HeartCatch is played entirely straight. Except after everything’s sorted out and Cure Decade heads off to their next world, Erika is stabbed by a mugger and dies
{Momo-nee} YES!
{tootbrush} ;_;
{@Magenta} (fuck jetman)
{@Magenta} In the Max Heart adaptation, Hikari casually mentions that she is Honoka’s daughter from the future who came back to help them. Neither of the Cures are aware of this, and after being mentioned in passing halfway through the first ep of the arc, it’s never brought up again
{@Magenta} for the Splash Star arc, they bring back the original writer who proceeds to write an incredible first episode that totally encapsulates the feel of the show while being fresh, unique, and treating the concept with due reverence
{@Magenta} The producers immediately decide it’s going to be a merchandising failure and get Inoue in to write the second ep
{@Magenta} It goes about as well as you’d expect.
{tootbrush} which one? first 13 episodes were written by one and the rest by another writer
{@Magenta} In Suite, Mephisto acts as the villain, with Noise acting as a shadowy background figure who is clearly implied to be pulling the strings behind everything, and talking cryptically about his involvement in the events of the plot. The arc ends after Mephisto’s defeat and he’s never seen again
{@Magenta} (I’ve never watched Splash Star and I just wanted to make a Hibiki joke OKAY)
{tootbrush} :P
{@Magenta} fuck I’m running out of Inoue cliches
{@Magenta} Wait, no, got it
{@Magenta} in Smile, they rewrite it fully in the mood of ep 22, very much playing up the stakes and the seriousness with which they have to take their mission, making it vaguely equivalent in tone to say, the Agito arc of Decade
{@Magenta} Then the arc randomly decides to be about Akane having a cooking battle with Joker
{tootbrush} what’s that from
{@Magenta} kabuto
{tootbrush} oh. I should watch that
{tootbrush} also you should put this on your blag

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