Smile Precure – 22 Released

Joker: World Champion in the Giving No Shits Tournament 2012

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script

Shit just got real, son.

This is a major plot ep, and with most major plot eps there isn’t really too much to talk about TL-wise: no throwaway characters with funny name gimmicks or overt delving into Japanese culture. Instead, we have Joker. Joker is… a lot of fun to write, but I feel it’s a difficult balancing act. I mean, the dude’s fabulous, right, so I feel like writing him with over-the-top metaphors and lots of linguistic flourish is totally inkeeping with his character. The trick is, of course, balancing that with his cold, calculating dickishness. Nemui assures me I’m doing alright because giving no shits fabulousness in and of itself comes off as very callous, but I still worry a bit I’m not doing the character justice.

First world problems, yo.

Enjoy the ep, anyway.

9 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 22 Released

  1. Nemui’s right. You need to worry so much about having to portray his cold and calculating side through how he says things because it’s what he’s actually saying that portrays his cold and calculating side. Speaking eloquently while talking about how you’re going to bring despair and ruin actually portrays both his FABULOUS side and his colder side at the same time.

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