Kamen Rider Fourze – 42 Released

ground control to major otome

HD Torrent
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In which nothing too unexpected happens, but everything expected happens awesomely.

What is there to say, really, that doesn’t involve spoiling the ep? The stakes have been raised, the landscape has been set, and all that remains is for the players to play their parts. And so they do, with great aplomb.

Some spoilerific ep/translation/subtitling discussion after the jump. Enjoy the ep!

Ooooh it’s spoilers oooooh

Okay let’s jam.

First of all, this ep does some really cool things with having throwbacks to key bits of dialogue from previous eps. There might even be some that didn’t quite stick out at me, but these are the two that do: When Yuuki and Gentarou talk about Yuuki’s future as an astronaut, they refer back to the concept of a straight path to where one wants to be in life (“icchokusen”) that Gentarou brought up to Haruka back in episode… 21/22? The dialogue is pretty much verbatim from some of the conversations Gentarou and Haruka had, and it’s really nice to see that they both remembered this and had Yuuki bring it up again.

The other one that sticks out is when Gentarou is agreeing to continue training with Tachibana. He states that, by fighting someone with everything on the line, you can truly begin to understand what they’re truly thinking and feeling. This one is a throwback to the Cosmic arc, with Gentarou basically saying this to Ryuusei after Ryuusei kills him: He’s not mad or upset at Ryuusei, because with Ryuusei finally turning on him, he’s finally seen what Ryuusei truly cares about.

So remember when I was talking about how nice it was to have a Horoscope with a definite catchphrase? Yeah, I enjoyed all three uses of it too.

This one I’m hesitant to mention because I’m doing the terrible thing of admitting I might be fallible, but Emoto uses a certain phrase a couple of times in this ep: “chikara ni kussuru”. It means to ‘give in to power’, and while it can definitely mean that in the sense of “not defying someone who can kick your ass”, I think it can also mean in the sense of wanting sweet powers and being prepared to do whatever it takes to get them. While I translated it the first way just to be safe – and because it seemed, to my mind, to make more contextual sense both times it came up, it’s possible the interpretation of him wanting sweet-ass black hole powers is, if not the outright intended meaning, an intended subtext.

One final thing: typesetting. You know, when I came up with the effects for this show, I never really intended for them to be used softsubbed. They were for the hardsubbed SD, and I provided the scripts for people to make their own hardsubbed HDs if they wanted, or whatever, but the effects being used softsubbed was never really a thing I intended – although it is, technically, entirely doable. Now, of course, I’m doing it (for various reasons doing SDs anymore isn’t really practical), so I have to actually consider whether an effect or combination of effects is going to be a resource hog.

Cosmic, for example, is a really cool effect that I wanted to do for it being the final switch – animating the switch image to separate it from the other 39 was a pretty neat idea in my mind, but the way I’ve had to do it means there are no less than 8 constantly animating subtitle ‘lines’ on screen at once, with 2 more static ones overlapping them. This isn’t… too bad on it’s own, but, for example, trying to have the Meteor Storm effect running alongside it is basically impossible, so I have to remove the animation from Cosmic when he transforms into it alongside Meteor Storm. Another thing I wanted to do in this ep is that, even though the belt voice doesn’t call it, having the icons for Gatling and Launcher appear alongside N+S Magnet. Having those two appear, however, makes the already processor-intensive N+S Magnet effect just lag to hell and back, and that’s on my pretty decent rig.

I’m sure given a year or two the flow of technology will mean these effects will be hilariously easy to render – be it just because of far more efficient vsfilter builds or mods, or pure faster processors. But for now, I work with typesetting limitations that hold back how much I can shit all over the screen with terrible giant hand-drawn images, and that, I believe we can all agree, is terrible.

(Note: That was sarcasm.)

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