GoGo Sentai Boukenger – 04 Released

please remove it, don’t think ’bout it, kimi dake no drill

Torrent (Episode 4 + Bouken History 01)
DDL (Episode 4) | DDL (Bouken History 01)
Localized Script | Weeaboo Script

i swear smile’s been done for like 3 days at this point but we’re all literally incapable of even going to the toilet by ourselves without our project leader

Oh well, have more Boukenger instead. I feel like replacing Smile with Boukenger in your diet is never going to be a bad thing, considering Bouken is sufficiently delicious and nutritious (cheeri-oh so good to eat!) In this episode, the team learns to pilot a robot that tries to kill them. And by ‘learns’ I mean something completely different entirely involving the words ‘sadist’ and ‘coercion’.

Also note I’ve been doing a ton of lyric translations the last few days, so if those interest you, you might wanna check out the Lyrics section up top.

Anyway, as ever with Bouken, there’s TL notes to make about both the ep and our various localization choices, so catch those after the jump.


So, let’s see. First up, the monster of the week is, uh, not much of a monster. Madness Weather spends most of the ep being an artifact before turning into a giant monster for no reason. Its design is modelled after Bakurenoh, from the Abaranger movie. The design similarities are pretty easy to notice – a giant drill sword for a right arm, a shield for a left arm, and gigantic triangular shoulders. The problem in noticing the similarities comes in that Madness Weather is entirely monochrome, which does spoil things a bit.

Speaking of Madness Weather, that leads into our first little localization change. It sounds a bit silly, left as is, and yet it’s entirely in English – making changing the actual words difficult. Making it “Madness’ Weather”, with Madness as a possessive, makes it a little less offensively “Noun noun” without really playing about with the pronunciation, which I am going to happily think is far more clever than it actually is.

The other thing is that there’s a shiratori game that occurs about midway through the ep. Shiratori is a type of word game where a player says a word, and the next player has to say a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word. This is a lot more of a thing in Japanese, where the ‘alphabet’ has about twice as many characters as English, and there’s much less established ‘forms’ for words, making the flow from word to word a lot more interesting. There’s one little rule in the Japanese version of the game that sets it apart – every letter in the Japanese alphabet ends with a vowel, except you can have the letter ‘n’ on it’s own as a letter. As nothing really starts with this in Japanese (instead using the versions of ‘n’ that have an attached vowel), ending a word in ‘n’ immediately eliminates you from the game – which is why when Natsuki says “kin” (gold) she immediately backpedals to try and save herself.

Obviously this is a lot of stuff that requires pretty severe knowledge of the Japanese language to innately understand, and the scene basically provides next to no framing about what it is they’re doing for me to slip in explanations. As such, the localized track localizes the fuck out of this scene, whereas the weeaboo one plays it straight and just leaves the words transliterated with attached translations for those who prefer their word games unadulterated.

The worst part of this wordgame though is that it ends on a word that we translated (GoGo —> Drive), but also… does this count as spoilers? Anyway, the fact that Sakura, in a panic, comes up with the name of a gun is actually relevant to her backstory, which is briefly mentioned in passing next episode. Scouring the internet for the name of a gun that ended with “D” (to follow into ‘Drive’) offered very little as-is, but then making it work in the scheme of the wordgame basically eliminated my choices down to “a gun manufacturer nobody’s fucking heard of.” So, uh, if you’re wondering what a Bergman-Bayard is, now you know. V:

Anyway, I think that’s actually it. Oh wait, one other thing! I originally had the temperature they mention in it’s original celcius, but kira thought we should convert it to fahrenheit, so apologies to the rest of the world that isn’t America. You’re not good enough for us. V:

Enjoy the ep, anyway!

2 thoughts on “GoGo Sentai Boukenger – 04 Released

    • Also, the Advenger script has Celsius and the Bouken script has Fahrenheit. So, I guess you’re actually all inclusive.

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