Kamen Rider Fourze – 41 Released

i’m a shaaaaaaaark

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God, what’s to say about this ep that wouldn’t spoil it? It was really good, continued to fling PLOT at our faces, and we can now be utterly sure that shit is going to get entirely real. I guess my only concern is that we still have two Horoscopes unrevealed and only 7 eps left to go – in fact, we have 6 Horoscopes that haven’t been dealt with, at this point – so one does worry a little bit about pacing. Still, I guess they’ll drop like flies. In before Pisces ends up being in, and dying in, the movie or something.

There’s not much I can think of discuss TL-wise this ep, beyond a line of Libra’s where he basically just chains 50 derogatory insults together in a row to make this glorious admonishment of Leo – and with that, all I can really say is “it fucking owned and I had a lot of fun with it”. I guess if you haven’t seen Megamax (and I know, I know, there’s no Aesir release yet, but we’re waiting on doing that combined BD version) around this ep would be a great time to do so. I dunno if Rocket State is gonna hang around in the show, but it’d do good to know the history behind it anyway.

Anyway, enjoy the ep!

3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 41 Released

    • Well, dickfucks, I guess.

      That’s a bit more serious of a “hey you need to watch the movie” than W or even Den-O had D:

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