Smile Precure – 20 Released

you lack discipline

HD Torrent | SD TorrentScript

Everybody altogether, now, in the Barizun Sword voice.



Anyway, this ep wasn’t quite as amazing as we’ve been having for the last few weeks, devolving back into “Candy does something retarded and the group suffers for it” fodder a bit, but I dunno if it just wasn’t offensive as it has been, or the good eps we’ve had have made me more tolerant of it. Either way, we’re diving headlong into PLOT next week, which should get things moving for better or worse.

Just did a quick scour of the script and I see nothing worth dealing with TL note-wise. Disappointing. Guess I’ll just have to… kill this post now.

One thought on “Smile Precure – 20 Released

  1. did anyone else get a mental image of Horatio removing his sunglasses at the “…” near the end?

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