Smile Precure – 19 Released

wolfrun is annoyed at the glaring plotholes in The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Edit: WordPress is being semidumb and ate the torrent link for this ep earlier. Hopefully it won’t happen again but if it does I’ll probably just say “check the tracker” in future. :w

On this week’s Smile, another really good ep. What the fuck is going on here, seriously?

We’re developing a theory that the amount an episode sucks is in a direct ratio to the presence of, and quantity of dialogue from, Candy. Nobody likes Candy, and if you do, nobody likes you. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid it’s terminal.

This ep kind of falls in a bizarre kind of uncanny translation valley where there’s a ton of shit with ~important meanings~ that’d normally result in 50 years of notes on the blog, but instead the plot of the episode forces us to write explanations into the dialogue anyway. So, uh, yeah, not much to talk about except for the blatant HC reference after the eyecatch. Behold, continuity faggots! You can now all get together and pretend Toei gives a shit about unified continuity!

Enjoy the ep, anyway.

10 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 19 Released

  1. Welp, I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t hates Candy.
    Also, I’m beginning to think that Toei will pull out a Gokaiger/Decade with the franchise around 2014, with all this references to other series I can only imagine they’re preparing the ground for the 10th anniversary series.

    • No, you’re not the only one. I think Candy is friggin’ adorable, and probably the best mascot in all of Precuredom. Magenta’s just being a big meanie-weenie because he’s tsundere for Smile.

      • i’m starting to like smile, but that’s very much DESPITE Candy.

        i really don’t know how you can call a creature that has literally been the source of more actual trouble for the group than the villains (i.e. the obstacles the villains have put in their way have been easily surmountable, any real sense of danger has been caused by Candy) and is barely capable of sentient thought the ‘best mascot in precuredom’ when we’ve had ones capable of actually holding intelligent conversation

        • I still think Hummy is a lot more offensive than Candy but that’s really not defending Candy at all.
          Do girls even find these freaks of nature adorable?

  2. This was an emotional episode! Although, I like Yaoi-chan, Reika is my favourite!
    Everything was great in this episode: the story, Akanbe, the fight scene. Can’t waif for episode 22!

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