Kamen Rider Fourze – 39 Released

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After the emotional rollercoaster of last week, we’re back to the slightly batshit formula of Weird Zodiarts Doing Crazy Things. That’s not to say the ep didn’t have its oddities – it’s very verbose in a way that’s inkeeping with the arc being one less about combat and more about personality clashes, and I feel like the plot is finally kicking up to go full crazy – to the point we might not ever seen a clean end to an arc again.

So with that said, enjoy the ep! There’s a lot of little notes to discuss TL-wise, and I’d also like to do some theorizing about where the plot’s going to go, so I can go “ahahahaha, i’m right!” if I am and subtly pretend it was just conjecture if I’m wrong. So fair warning about that, and fair warning about like 10 paragraphs of shit about this episode awaiting you after the jump.


So let’s see. Let’s talk Horoscope name meanings again. The kana for “Sugiura Yuuta” can be re-arranged in such a way that, due to the weird way the Japanese language works with certain symbols combining into new sounds, spell out the Japanese for “Taurus Bull”. (If you’re wondering, it’s すぎうら ゆうた anagraming into ぎゅう たうらす)

There’s a joke made fairly early in about Gentarou misinterpreting the word for decree, ‘hatto’, as the English word “hat”, which is pronounced that way in Japanese. So “Hatto? You mean like, a hat?” (hurr) got localized to “Decree? You mean like, a diploma?” with him thinking she said “degree.” I was actually pretty set on using the word ‘decree’ the moment I saw the preview for the ep, just because I felt it kind of invoked the Educational Decrees of Harry Potter, but the fact it works well with that joke also makes things pretty sexy.

There’s a throwaway delinquent fairly early in called Ban Chousuke. The joke here is that ‘banchou’ means a kind of rough-and-ready leader figure in schools, often a delinquent (or someone taken as one) who’s the kind of guy you come to when someone’s threatening you, and he steps in to protect his class/schoolmates. Like a boss.

The Miraikan Future Science Museum is a real place. Technically “Miraikan Future Science Museum” is kind of redundant, as Miraikan means “Future (Science) Museum” but as it’s the place’s name, and I still had to explain what the place is and why it matters, it was semi-unavoidable. :/

JK and Gentarou’s actors actually did all their own stunts and moves for their respective duels, which I found pretty cool. Just a neat note.

When Sugiura talks about not “letting the same thing happen again”, the literal term he uses is “not repeating the same mistake”. The issue with using this literally, however, is you kind of have to assign the mistake to someone in English – something that the Japanese does not do. It could be literally anyone’s – or even nobody in particular’s – mistake, and hence my want is to leave it open to any potential possibility.

School idol Mina appears again in this ep. She sings an amazing song that will take the world by storm called “Lucky Cookie.” It’s pretty terrible, and the singer’s official blog has the full 4 lines of lyrics (only 3 are used in the show!) along with pointing out said singer is… the Fourze Kamen Rider Girl. Thanks, show. The lyrics are also apparently written by Kamen Rider Radio web celebrity Hurry Kenn, which only makes the entire thing all the worse.

I mentioned this briefly in the culture post (or was it Fourze 33’s? Oh god help) but the Shinsengumi – an elite force in ancient Japan – crop up again in this ep. I think this is enough of a thing in it’s own right to not need translating into some culturally whitewashed equivalent, and, well… shall we talk potential spoilers?

Something, to my mind, is very fishy about Miss Mibu Sayaka, student council president. My first thought was that she was Gemini, and her ability allowed her to control people (making them into her ‘twin’) from afar, and that explained her hold over Sugiura, but it seems I’m wrong about that…

But maybe not the concept. Taurus, you may have noticed, has a creepy red monocle over his right eye. It’s an odd design choice, as there’s nothing about Taurus that really leans towards this as a Taurus-y design feature, and while I can imagine Sugiura with a monocle, he doesn’t have one. So where does this come from, thematically? It may be worth noting his monocle is on his right eye, the same eye that Mibu has bandaged. In addition, Sugiura referencing the laws of the Shinsengumi makes a lot more contextual sense if one knows that back in the day, they were known as the wolves of Mibu.

So maybe not Gemini. But that would make her Pisces, and sure enough, her name is very happy to go along with this. Her name kanji – 壬生彩加, can be split up in two ways – the last three kanji (for ‘bu’ and ‘sayaka’) can be rearranged into the order 彩加生, which can be read “sa-ka-na” – meaning ‘fish’. In addition, the kanji for ‘mi’, 壬, looks an awful lot like a rotated symbol for Pisces.

Maybe just conjecture, at this point, certainly. But I look forward to explaining this all again in the post for ep 41. V:

Man, that was a lot of notes. Thanks for reading, I guess!

4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 39 Released

  1. Did you notice that the student council “soldiers” were all wearing mascara? Under the new decrees men are allowed to wear makeup, but women aren’t? lol

    • Yeah, it seems to be a side-effect of Taurus’ soul-stealing. I think the glasses kid gets it too once Taurus drains his soul.

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