Kamen Rider Fourze – 38 Released

let’s all admire aquarius’ jugs

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As promised, I shall this week use the image I intended to use for ep 37, which indicates above all things that I am a man of maturity and good taste.


Anyway, this ep – and arc – seems to divide people a lot. Some love it, others hate it, but above nothing else people seem to have strong opinions – and that I think is to it’s credit. Personally, I enjoyed it, thought it was a refreshing change of pace, and some of the cinematography in this ep is simply divine.

Sorry for the delay on this, btw. I’ve been trying to clear out my subbing backlog a bit and, combined with the Jubilee celebrations, that’s delayed things a lot. My apologies~

Enjoy the ep, anyway! A little Erin note after the jump.

Erin’s Japanese mistakes appear again in this ep – admittedly much less than they do in the previous one. As with before, she confuses one word with another, and you could argue the word she accidentally uses can be relevant, but ultimately the crux of the issue is that they sound like the word she actually meant – so I’ve tried to preserve the homonym aspect rather than the literal meanings of her mistakes.

Both her mistakes this ep happen in quick succession – the first time, she messes up the Japanese expression for “fair and square” – “seiseidoudou” into “seiseidondon”. ‘dondon’ is kind of an onomatopoeic or emphasis word, indicating that an action is happening in quick succession, so it could be like “fair and fast” if you wanted to do it literally. The second one is confusing ‘odamari’, which is a semi-formal “Be quiet!” with “ozanari”, meaning commonplace or mundane. Again, both times, the word she accidentally uses is irrelevant to the scene, so it’s more important (IMO!) to preserve the homonym at the expense of the literal meaning.

One thought on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 38 Released

  1. It was a vast improvement to the Gene/Capricorn arc for sure! It’s hard to be bad when an arc is Yuki centric though.

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