GoGo Sentai Boukenger – 03 Released

these two are seriously moe as fuck

Torrent (Episodes 1-3)
DDL (Episode 3) | DDL (Bouken History 0)
Localized Script | Weeaboo Script

I’m so behind on writing these 28,000 release posts, god damn. Anyway, here’s Bouken ep 3! This is a nice little character ep establishing Souta and his DARK AND GWITTY past that made him the cheeriest motherfucker alive, which is a nice change of pace. I’ve also finally bothered making a torrent for eps 1-3, so, you know. Yay.

Also included with this ep is the first of the “Bouken History” sections, a little thing that aired after each ep where they talked about the (at the time) 29 Super Sentai shows preceding them. There was a similar thing done with Goseiger on the runup to the 35th anniversary, but those aired during the VS Theater sections so nobody gave a shit. These segments aren’t (seemingly?) included on the DVDs for whatever reason, so we’ve done them using the TV raws, which means they’re their own separate file. In future, I’ll do episode torrents with the ep and it’s Bouken History segment together, and I hope that is the most convenient solution (though it does mean the torrents will make their own directories? Tis a curious matter.)

Anyway, enjoy!

So let’s see.

First up, let’s talk CHINA. This ep makes heavy reference to Chinese historical figure Zhuge Liang. While he was a very prolific and famous general of his age, Boukenger’s depiction of him as possessing and mastering some magical ancient bullshit weapons, one thinks, is a little bit of an exaggeration. Still, he’s referred to in this ep by the Japanese rendition of his name – Shokatsu Ryou Koumei. The “Koumei” is the Japanese rendition of his “style” name, Kongming, which is kind of like an official title/nickname hybrid that was a thing back in ancient China. Whilst I don’t imagine anyone would actually use the full “Zhuge Liang Kongming” – you’d pick one or the other, I believe? – the fact that the Japanese chooses to refer to him as such throughout means one might as well go with it. Why the fuck not?

I had a little dilemma, here, in that the Dark Shadow characters all have names that mean things in combination with their titles. For example, “Shizuka” means tranquil or serene, so her name taken as a whole means “Serene Wind”. I was actually considering translating the names for the localized track, but I ran a little poll on /m/ and the verdict was overwhelmingly not to do that, so I’m going to just shoehorn in a translation of their names into the dialogue where I can. For example, when Shizuka first appeared in this ep, I translated “Shizuka of Wind” as “Shizuka, the Tranquil Wind” to get across the meaning of her name – and I’ll do the same for Yaiba (“Dark Blade”) and Gekkou (“Illusory Moonlight”) when the writing provides a sensible opportunity to do so in future eps.

I did a bit of localizing with the gun finisher on the localized track – turning “Climax Shoot” into “Climactic Shot” for reasons I’d like to think are fairly obvious. Just giving warning. By the same note, Dark Shadow uses a lot of old Japanese folkore in their monsters and giant monsters – their basic concept revolves around the idea of ‘tsukumogami’ – that an object of a certain age and heritage will, from all the things it has seen over it’s long existence – obtain a spirit and sentience of it’s own. It’s a pretty neat concept, and the idea of combining something old and something new leads to some interesting monster designs. The localized script doesn’t play about with the concepts, but it does take the Japanese edge off the terminology, so there we go.

And now it’s time for everybody’s favourite, yes! It’s Sentai Reference Theater! Today, we’ll look at the monster of the week, and Shizuka of Wind. Shizuka, first of all, is based off of Kakure Daishogun, from Kakuranger. You can most clearly see this in her hat, as well as the little twin circle decorations connecting the mech’s shoulders to the torso, which are also present on Shizuka’s uniform. She also has the… whatever the fuck the thing is in Kakure Daishogun’s bearmouth attached to the front of her blouse.

Meanwhile, the monster of the week, Jougami, is based on Senpuujin from Hurricaneger. This one’s a lot more obvious – it has the circle design on it’s chest as well as the giant disc on it’s left shoulder. As you may be able to tell, Dark Shadow are basically going to be milking the fuck out of the ninja theme, so have fun with that. V:

And that’s that. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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