Smile Precure – 17 Released

an accurate representation of the average western precure fan

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script

Apologies for delay, I wanted to wait until we had the fixed HDv2 before making a post.

So, this is an ep that was both easier and harder than I was expecting. It was a good ep, I think, though it’s very easy to get tired of This Kind of Episode as it’s been done to death in other shows (and manzai just isn’t that funny to western sensibilities.) From a translation standpoint, actually attempting to localize it to be Semi-Funny wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but the few language based puns there were were absolutely atrocious to deal with. There’s actually a similar one in 18 that is completely fucking untranslatable literally, and it’s those moments that have me getting really annoyed at both the languages and myself that I can’t find a way to deal with them. Ah, alas.

Enjoy, anyway!

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