So, about Megamax: Part the Second

Right, so. Disclaimer. 80-90% of this is probably the same as the Over-Time script. I came to the realization that, having already worked on it a lot over on the Over-Time side of things, and having watched it a lot of times, trying to actively wrack my brain to come up with alternatives to translations I was already really familiar with wasn’t going to be a very sensible approach. As such, I’ve gone through and adjusted the stylistics of the script to match the Aesir ones, and made a few tweaks to the odd line where I had inspiration, but the Fourze segment isn’t a complete retranslation like I was initially figuring I might do before I realized it was a stupid idea.

Disclaimer 2: I’m totally fed up of watching this movie at this point (especially the Fourze segment which I loathe more and more with each viewing) so I haven’t gone through and checked it to make sure I haven’t done anything stupid. If anyone kindly would like to essentially act as my QC and point out any derps, that’d be pretty sweet.

With that said, have a clean script.

As for the typeset one? Let’s do some technical explanations. The current raw we have for Megamax is anamorphic. What this means is that the video you see is not actually the same resolution as how the video is encoded – it stretches to the right size when you play it back (in this case, the video is 704 by 480, and ‘stretches’ to about 853 by 480.) This is because DVDs are encoded this way, and hence doing your encodes that way and telling the player to stretch it (as an actual DVD would) results in a more accurate playback than stretching it out oneself. However, the Blu-Ray we’re going to end up using has no need of these cheap space-saving techniques, and hence will not be anamorphic.

While converting a script for use in one format to the other is generally not much of a problem, when it involves the kind of fancy position-based typesetting we tend to use, with all its bells and whistles, one has to manually convert every instance of positioning and font widths and graphic widths and what have you to the correct size. As such, while I can get started on typesetting it now, the script I end up with will not actually be compatible with the current raw.

As such, with the kind permission of my colleagues at Over-Time, I’ll just be appending my eventual scripts as secondary subtitle tracks on their release. That way, there’s just one gigantic file going around with all the different scripts attached, as opposed to us both having to distro bloody great files around.

Hopefully that’ll be acceptable to people!

Anyway, enjoy.

9 thoughts on “So, about Megamax: Part the Second

  1. >I’m totally fed up of watching this movie at this point
    Wait until we get to the Director’s Cut! ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

  2. So, will we see the fanciful effects in the subtitles eventually or are they simply incompatible?

    • they’re incompatible with the current raw from DVD source, but not the eventual one from Blu-Ray we’ll end up using.

      edit: well, incompatible is a bad word. I’d just have to typeset it twice – one for each raw – which is a large commitment to make for a 95-minute movie. :w

  3. So, how many tracks will the O-T/Aesir release have? None, O-T, Aesir Clean and Aesir Fabulous?

    • o-t has a second too, they didn’t put the song TLs in their ‘base’ script because they considered it too distracting.

      they need to get on my level V:

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