Smile Precure – 16 Released


if we can sub the Japanese into English, does that mean we can do it vice-versa too?

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script

I’m good at remembering to make posts.

By which I mean, at the time I’m writing actual words to go with this post rather than just a load of download links, 18 was already out and I’d translated 19. So, uh, hi everybody reading the archives for no reason!

I was honestly expecting this ep to be a retread of Karen’s early character arc in Precure 5, and I’m glad to see it wasn’t. It establishes itself as it’s own entity fairly early on and has a surprising amount of logic behind it, which I thought was nice. I think this ep marks the point where Smile started picking up a bit, with 17 being pretty decent and 18+19 being god-tier. So look forward to those. Or… I hope you enjoyed those? I am consumed by an inability to decide on what tense to use.

Ah, just enjoy the ep.

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