Smile Precure – 15 Released

it’s funny because smile is like precure 5 but slower and not as good

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A belief reaffirmed by the realization that next episode is literally going to just be episode 6 of YPC5, except seemingly with a dose of the completely ridiculous added because actual character development, we can’t have that, let’s just have the char experience sudden turmoil that they’ve never had before and will never have again after literally nothing changes during the course of the episode.

That said, I really did actually like this episode. It had an actual fight! It had decent character development! Pacing! A point! A moral that didn’t feel too ham-handed! And maybe I’m hence being unfair in judging next week’s episode prematurely, but let us not allow one good episode to spoil the love-hate relationship we’ve had so far, non?

Anyway, enjoy the ep.

4 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 15 Released

  1. What’s interesting is Episode 15 of Yes! Precure 5 is the one where Nozomi’s Mother is sick and Nozomi tries to take care of her with similar results…if not worse. YPC5 and Smile do seem to be following a very close pattern.

    • They actually stopped being rustled the moment the scene with her grandpa came up in ep 16, and I realized the ep wasn’t going to be what I thought it was (or as bad as I thought it was)

      I’m actually amazed because I’m starting to like the show, a prospect I wouldn’t have even considered remotely possible about 2 months ago.

      Edit: Hurrr, guess I slept through that /a/ thread and missed the joke. gg me.

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