Kamen Rider Fourze – 35 Released

this joke would almost be funny if the Gene arc wasn’t totally and utterly forgettable

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Apologies for the delay again this week, I was really struggling with writing the MotW and by the time I was done I was drowning in a wave of tired and being co-erced into Dungeon Defenders. Having people to play vidya games with does terrible, terrible things for my productivity.

So yeah, I really like this ep, but I’m bad at writing characters like this week’s. It’s only in the last few months that I’ve really gotten comfortable with writing Gentarou, and then trying to apply that sort of speech ‘style’ to a villain character – when I have to tie it in with a certain amount of condescension and stuff it all falls apart. Ah, well.

TL notes after the jump.

So I normally try and play this show very down the safe and narrow in terms of sticking to the whole “kids show” thing, I think I’ve used a grand total of one swear word so far (when Kengo’s getting mad at Ryuusei having killed Gentarou) but with Gene’s radio show, I went down a bit more of a risque route. The entire thing has this kind of “high school kids getting their problems off their chests” vibe about it that to me is indicative of not really holding things back, and considering the general tone of the email was very “fuck this guy” I didn’t feel too bad about writing it with a kind of loose air of people really ripping into each other.

This leads into our first TL note – Gene tells the girl she should throw water in his face because he is ‘mizu mo shitataru’. This is kind of a bad pun, in that ‘mizu’ means water, and ‘mizu mo shitataru’ means someone who is dashing and handsome – it literally means “dripping with water”, with the water kind of indicating a youthful sheen and luster type thing. As such I thought I should keep the bad water/wetness pun as best as possible in a way that sounds natural – but again, does border a little bit on the risque with it referring to him “making someone wet”. I talked to a few editor/QC people and we kind of came to the opinion that any kids watching wouldn’t actually get it, and therefore it was something I could get away with, and seemed to nicely contribute to the tone of the segment.

Love is Overdrive has really subtle lyrics. Note: This is sarcasm. That said, there were a lot of lines in the song that weren’t in the captions (because people were talking over them) and occasionally parts of it weren’t all that audible behind people talking. I tried to construct sense out of it as best I could, but the translation is by no means definitive without an official lyric source.

The joke about the “Pan store” is slightly different in Japanese – where “pan” means “bread.” However, the point of the line was just Gentarou not realizing what was actually meant by it, so as long as you preserve the homonym aspect of the line, it serves it’s purpose. Having the “pan store” be thought of as a homeware store – as opposed to a bakery – seemed to do the trick just fine.

And that’s your lot, TL-wise. Two extra notes: 1) man why the fuck does kengo know how to play the drums. 2) We almost didn’t catch a fairly major goof I made early in this ep – I was translating it, and when JK talks about his father, I wrote it as he IS a pro guitarist, not really considering the nuance. Then I forgot to go back and fix it once everyone started talking about how his dad had kinda hit rock bottom. Luckily I have good QCers <3

Anyway, enjoy the ep!

5 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 35 Released

  1. I liked the Gene arc, though that was more for the moments when Shotarou and Terui were acting funny because of the movie than the actual character it was focused on.

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