So, about Megamax.

For those who aren’t aware, Megamax is the Kamen Rider movie that just came out on DVD – a movie that involves W, OOO, and Fourze.

As people may or may not know, I’m a member of Over-Time, and assist on most of the toku weeklies – Fourze is essentially just a show I loved so much I wanted to do on my own, of my own volition, kind of to test if I could and just to enjoy getting to put entirely my own spin on things, which is great and I enjoy it and etc. However!

I am helping out on the O-T version of Megamax, doing the TLC/Edit pass, and putting in input where wanted. Obviously, as it’s an Over-Time release, however, we’ll be using and leaning towards the Over-Time ‘style’ for Fourze’s stuff. So, there are two questions I want to ask.

1) Would people be interested in an ‘Aesir’ version of MegaMax? Note that this essentially would just be me re-translating the Fourze characters’ dialogue from scratch in my own flamboyant style – everything else would be exactly the same, as our work on those shows have always been collaborative efforts anyway.

2) Would people be interested in a flashy typesetting version of the MegaMax script? Note that this isn’t dependant on whether I’m going to do an Aesir version – I can just as easily apply the typesetting to the Over-Time version of the script and make it available to those who’d want it (or, if my colleagues are so willing, maybe have it as a secondary subtitle track on the final version once the BD’s out). We already have typesetting for the OOO and Fourze stuff, I’d be happy to make some effects for W, and I’m sure I can put some yellow Arial on the guest stars or something and pretend I care about them. (Note: That was a joke.)

So yeah, lemme know, I’m pretty flexible.

23 thoughts on “So, about Megamax.

  1. Yes please!!! make an aesir version with the flashy typesetting version of the MegaMax script and if possible put it on the a 1080p version of the BD

  2. While I certainly wouldn’t mind having it, I hear that the actual unique Fourze bits are pretty short, and I sympathize with your workload. I’d download it, but don’t kill yourself to do it. You’re already slow enough (I kid because I love)

    • Yeah, I’m keeping on top of the weeklies, but recently life has been throwing gears in the works and delaying me working on one (this week, for example, the Smile raw situation’s a bit borked) which in turn delays the others. :w

      Really, it’s not a case of ‘too much work’ so much as whether it’s actually worth the potential distro legwork.

  3. I have to say, I follow your Fourze almost religiously over other groups – I’ll wait a week if I have to for it from you, even when O-T has it out right away. Something about it just seems to really have captured the series and chapters, or maybe just me, that has me enjoying it so much more than O-T.

    If you want to do that, I’d love to see it. If you’d rather pass and work on other stuff, that might be the better call. Either way, keep up the great work.

      • what are you talking about? OT does shit like change Machalcon’s name cause they dont think it spelled right. They change attack names and can’t into english when characters are clearly speaking english. They also throw in references when there are not any.

        You guys are so much better than OT ever could dream to be. ^_^

          • and O-T have actually played Fourze fairly by the book, whereas I’ve done stuff like Gelatonia and Fullthrottler to try and localize intent, etc.

            also MachFalcon was me. Sup V:

  4. I’d want a version where you rewrite everything to be actually funny and make sense like you usually do.

  5. Absolutely and please please please. You have a very unique style that, as others have said, seems to capture something special about Fourze. I also prefer your style of graphics-in-subs to TV-Nihon, who went with an 8-bit video game style.

  6. Well.. I would really like to see the Aesir version of this…. since I collected all the aesir version of Fourze, so probably if the name of the subbing group of the movie is Aesir, it will be really uniform…. so….

    and about typesetting, if fancy is there, GOOD…. but would like to have seperate two, clean one and fancy one.

  7. Don’t know about the rest of the internets but I know I’d love an Aesir version with typesetting so FABULOUS rainbows burst out of the screen and skewer my eyeballs!

    If rainbows are too hard to manage on such short notice then I am willing to settle for a handful of unicorn giggles or an improbably large foam finger. If you’re agreeable, we can discuss this matter further over tea and crumpets down at the local bistro or your brothel of choice :)

  8. I’d love a version of the O-T script with your typesetting, as i’m not as keen on some of your liberties in translation this time around, but i think your typesetting is super sexy awesome. And your OOO typesetting was brilliant in so many ways.

    If you want assistance let me know and i’ll see what i can do between my work on YPC5

  9. I’d love the flashy subtitles on fourze’s stuff in megamax, so I’d want an “Aesir ver.” of it.

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