Kamen Rider Fourze – 34 Released

I am a bastion of maturity.

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Apologies for the delay here, I was mismanaging my free time very badly which resulted in my allotted “Fourze Translating Time” vanishing into other arrangements I’d forgotten about. One of the advantages Over-Time has that I lack is a fantastic work ethic of having lots of very supportive people around who will look at you angrily for your own good if you’re a dumbshit for no good reason, and I alas only have my own guilt to fall back on (though I at least have toot-chon to make sure my scripts aren’t terrible when I do get around to them <3)

TL notes below, which contain spoilers for this ep as well as language link-based theories for upcoming plotlines. (But not outright confirmed spoilers – just things one can work out based on names)

maybe i’ll actually have these done before the actual ‘release’ for once.

Alright, let’s see. First of all, let’s talk about festivals. There’s a festival in Kyoto called the “Daimonji” festival that’s referenced a few times in the ep – and you can probably see where this is going. “Monji” is the Japanese word for a letter or symbol in the alphabet – so “Daimonji” means “the symbol for ‘Dai’.” This is shaped like  a 5-point star (大), and in the festival, several of these giant daimonji are set alight around the edges of the city. This is referenced when Yukina points one of the monji out and Gentarou has a mental image of Daimonji as a daimonji.

Are you suitably confused? Excellent.

This festival – specifically the lighting the symbols on fire aspect – is the origin of the move Fire Blast in Pokemon. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s the shape it is, now you know. In addition, Fourze summons several “Daimonji” using Pen during the fight with Libra. The “Daimonji Slash” is kind of a reference to a lot of shows with sword finishers where the user carves a shape with their sword. Popular ones include an Ichi (一) or Juu (十) Monji Giri – a straight or cross-shaped slash, respectively. I’ve tried to word the scene in such a way that you can understand that a Daimonji refers to the shape in addition to the character, to make it’s later (unexplained) appearances make more sense.

Watchers of Gundam Unicorn may be quite aware of the significance of Libra’s new power being named the Eye of Laplace. The origin of the term is in “Laplace’s Demon”, the idea that if one could have knowledge of the state of the entire universe, it would become possible to plot out it’s future with exact precision. While not a theory to which any credence is attached, it has quite powerful theoretical repercussions that make it very attractive as a Thing to use in works of fiction. In this case, Libra takes a rather liberal interpretation of the name, using the power to merely predict what constellation someone’s astral destiny would attune them with if given the chance.

By the way, it’s been like 21 episodes since the concept of astral destinies has been thrown around. Hope you’ve remembered it for these 5 months, cause the writers sure haven’t! :V

Hey, want to know something cool? If you take the name “Emoto”, as written in English letters, and reverse it, it spells “Otome”. The constellation of Otome is better known to us as the constellation Virgo, and now we’ve seen that Emoto and Gamou are both involved in the death of  Kengo’s father, and are seemingly still as close as ever, the idea that Emoto might be Virgo is a quite interesting one. We’ve already had Scorpio – a female user becoming a male-voiced Zodiart, so why not the other way round? It’s only a theory – but as all the other Horoscopes’ real names have in some way clued us into their identity, it’s got to be deliberate misdirection if he isn’t.

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