Smile Precure – 13 Released

someone at tv asahi is a sadistic shit who enjoys making children cry and ask awkward questions

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script

If you’re grabbing the HD and sufficiently technically inclined (and motivationally inclined) to do so, I’d recommend grabbing the script and using that rather than the included track, if you’re using Track 1 (and if you’re not, you’re a terrible person.) It fixes a few little timing niggles and one editing tweak that aren’t worth re-distroing a 400MB file for, but a new version of the script? Sure, why not. The SD already has them fixed because I caught them while encoding it V:

Notes after the jump.

A whole week later.

Let’s see. First off, green tea ice cream is actually a Thing in Japan, and quite popular it is too. Referred to as “matcha soft” in Japan (‘matcha’ meaning powdered green tea, and ‘soft’ derived from the English ‘soft serve’) it’s a popular treat to tickle their so-inclined tastebuds.

The key facet of this episode revolves around the fortunes one can draw at shrines – called ‘omikuji’. These are the precursors to the fortune cookies we have today, and are a staple feature of olde schoole Japanese shrines. You take a fortune slip, which contains a generalized good/bad fortune and then a breakdown of more specific things. I don’t even think one can really call it divination, based on the utterly random nature of just picking a slip which may or may not have anything to do with your immediate future, but such is the way. Nowadays it’s more of a novelty, and the seriousness with which Miyuki takes it kind of underpins the episode’s secondary moral that pessimism tends to be self-fulfilling.

While not really something that needs ‘explaining’ in the traditional sense, as it is a blatant (and mentioned as such) literary reference, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter is referenced in this ep in one scene. The story revolves around a lunar Princess found on Earth by a lonely bamboo cutter – and amongst all the bamboo Candy takes it upon herself to play the role of the (very demanding, apparently) princess.

And I think that’s about it. Hope you enjoyed the ep!

5 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 13 Released

    • i’m good at noticing comments punctually

      Well, we’ve had no other complaints of such, so I’m assuming it’s some playback thing on your end. It’s possible something in the way we muxed it might be making the subtitles act funny on certain players, but I doubt it. o.O;

      So, uh, let’s see, generic troubleshooting

      1) OS and player?
      2) Have you tried updating (or have you recently updated) said player/codec pack – anything that could have affected it?
      3) Does your player indicate that the subtitles should be working, and they’re just not appearing, or is it showing there not even being any in the first place?

  1. 1) Windows XP and Media Player Classic (I’m using this only for anime)
    2) I have the latest CCCP, to watch the 10bit videos.
    3) The subtitles are appearing but they don’t synchronise with the video. I have to go forward or backward for 1 or 2 sec to get the synchro.

    Sorry, if I can’t be more explicit.

    • That is incredibly, incredibly weird. Is it just this ep? (Does it happen with 14, for example, or any of the eps previous?)

  2. Well, it’s for the episodes in HD. Perhaps, only I have this problem.
    I guess I’m the only one who’s complaining about this :(
    Do you have any idea what I have to do? To upgrade something, I don’t know?!

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