Smile Precure – 10 Released

Wolfrun gives no fucks.

HD Torrent | SD Torrent |  Script

It is in episodes like this I become very grateful for the presence of our joint partners. Because when I enjoy an episode as much as I enjoyed this one, my writing and translation style tends to get utterly caught up in flights of fancy that requires the touch of very patient people to be brought back down to a state vaguely recognizable as “a translation of the actual Japanese”, and to that extent I am very grateful to Nemui and all the lovely people at Anxious-Helium.

Seriously, this is the first episode of the show so far I’d class as having good writing. Certainly, stuff has happened in the early eps, sometimes it was even plot-interesting stuff, but the quality of writing in this episode managed to make a fairly mediocre and over-done plot hook be very, very engaging, and that is I feel to the episode’s credit.

Anyway, please do enjoy.

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