GoGo Sentai Boukenger – DVD 1 Extras

Akashi is baller as fuck.

Series Promo

Premiere Stage Show

Press Release

So, first up today we have a trio of lovely extras from the first Boukenger DVD. These include the short promo used to showcase the series on TV after MagiRanger aired, which is so short it’s basically not even worth mentioning.

We then have the premiere stage show announcement bladefuck, which is a big event at Tokyo Dome City that all the parents can take their kids to so they can be the cool kid who got to see the new Sentai in action before the show starts airing. This role has been semi-usurped now by the end-of-series VS movie (think Gokai vs Gavan or Shinken vs Gosei) but it’s still the place to go to see the actual human team first, generally. This has our usual two flavors of localized and weeaboo.

The other thing, however, is an event specifically for the press. They sit various cast and crew down to talk about the show and it’s concepts, and their own attachment to the show, so that they can do their various articles about the actors and actresses and what-have-you. As this is specifically designed to talk about the show from a marketting and franchise standpoint, we decided to purely go with the Actual Names without localizing it up – because this isn’t an attempt at nicely-flowing storytelling but of explanation, and if you’d seen my attempt to make the “This is why we used GoGo as the title.” bit of the interview work with Driveforce, you’d probably understand why that was a bad idea.

Anyway, enjoy!

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