GoGo Sentai Boukenger – 02 Released

show us on the doll where he touched you


hey look an actual new episode

On today’s episode, we’re introduced to our second villain faction – the Jaryuu. Or Reptviles, if you will. We’re also reintroduced to awesome robots and Akashi being boss as fuck, which I think makes for a good mix.

TL notes, name etymologies and our ever-popular SENTAI REFERENCE OF THE WEEK after the jump:

First up, and most important, we have our new villain faction – the Jaryuu. As mentioned above, we went with ‘Reptvile’ as a translation, which is actually fairly literal – the ‘Ja’ of Jaryuu means evil, wicked, despicable, etc – which I think one can synonym to ‘vile’ pretty neatly. Ryuu is a Japanese word that is essentially used for anything reptilian in nature (dinosaurs and dragons use the word directly – and seahorses and lizards amongst others use it’s kanji) which is good, because the Jaryuu are basically anything reptilian in nature. Then we whip ’em together into a stupid portmanteau – I’m afraid I can’t resist them – and there we go.

Ryuuwon’s name is also derived from ‘Ryuu’, and while this isn’t official, probably also from the Chinese ‘wong’, meaning king or leader. So he’s leader of the reptiles. Appropriate!

The team’s weapons also get their names shown off here. While the localized-as-fuck script mostly just made a few cosmetic changes – Blow Knuckle to Blower Knuckle, for example – Red’s Bouken Bo got a nice full-on fuck-change to Adventure Staff, because bo staffs desperately need a massive coating of cultural whitewashing for which I apologize. Other such minute and insignificant changes in the localized script include changing “Salon” to “Lounge” because Salon sounds like a hairdressers to English sensibilities, as opposed to the French ones the show is drawing on.

ANYWAY it’s time for Old Sentai References of the Episode. Today, we’re in full-on ZyuRanger mode – which means I’m going to be referring to shit in Power Rangers terms because seriously, who the fuck’s actually watched Zyu? God damn. Anyway, Ryuuwon is based off of DaiZyuJin the original Megazord, which is most noticeable in his head horns and giant square shoulders. The Dord – the mecha de-jour, however, is based off of Ultimate DaiZyuJin the Ultrazord – specifically the lower half of it made up of Dragon Caesar and Brachion Titanus, which you can see in the two giant cannons to the side of it’s head.

And that concludes our notes. Enjoy the ep!

5 thoughts on “GoGo Sentai Boukenger – 02 Released

  1. B+

    You forgot to cross-slash “Dragon Caesar” and write “Dragonzord” next to it so you lose points for that.

      • And you call yourself a localizer. Tell me, do you think a name like “Dragon Caesar” sounds HIP and COOL to all the youngsters these days? How many of them do you think would even know what the word “caesar” means!? Localizing 101: Always assume viewers are morons, ESPECIALLY children. And if you can’t think of a suitable replacement term that’s “hip and now”, make one up! Like “Zords”. So what if it’s not a real word? It sounds EDGY.

        Got it? “Dragon Caesar” is stupid and Japanese, while “Dragonzord” is cool and has the letter “Z” in it, which as everyone knows, is ALMOST as EXTREME as the letter “X”.

  2. Zyu wasn’t THAT bad, guys. I mean, the villains were cool.

    Love you so much for releasing more Boukenger.

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