GoGo Sentai Boukenger – 01 Released

five rangers reaching for the sky in five ways

EDIT: Have a sweet ass new version with DVD raws. I’ll leave the rest of the post the same, but bump it up so people see it.


Hello! Welcome to new project time.

So, this is GoGo Sentai Boukenger. It’s the 30th Super Sentai, an anniversary series, even, and possibly my favourite of all of them. It has a great cast, nice progression, cool tech, lots of subtle little references, and, well, I just adore it. So, while it’s been subbed by T-N, the general movement to ensure all sentai has softsubs gives me justification for giving some love to one of my all-time favourite shows.

So, Boukenger. I’m working together with the lovely sgtkira of Hikari-Senshi on this lovely project. I’m handling the TL jazz and he’s doing all the actual hard work, which suits me fine. Ahem. Anyway, we’re using TV raws for this because that’s pretty much all that is actually on the goddamn internet, but we might switch up and upgrade later if we get better ones. We even had trouble finding the TV raws until the lovely ARDM came along and provided them from the depths of his reportoire.

Now, the important thing. We’re jazzing this up a bit with two seperate sub tracks. The main sub track is a full-on balls to the wall TL – weapon and mech names translated, faction names translated, anything that’s justifiably translatable, done. Western name order, and even the name of the show becomes Driveforce Advengers. Now, some of you are probably looking at this post as if I’m fucking insane, which is why there’s a second sub track which has all the names and terminology preserved as is. The weeaboo track, as I like to call it.

So, there’s something for everyone. Now, this is a side project, so don’t expect a mega-fast schedule, but I’ll try and churn out eps at a semi-tolerable pace. Mega props to my lovely co-workers for making this at all possible for me to get in with this before an actual scrub effort, and I think that’s all the general bumph out of the way.

So, actual episode talk after the jump? Sure, why not.

Anyway, enjoy!

Let’s play Sentai Reference of the Day! Today, we’ll talk about the Gordom Titan. You might notice those ugly tiny propellers sticking out his shoulders. Well, that’s because the Gordom Titan – our very first monster – is based on BariVroom/Variblune, from the very first sentai, Himitsu Sentai Goranger. Gaja is also based on a balloon from this show, apparently, but I really don’t see the resemblence.

The legend of Umihiko and Yamahiko is an actual thing, so I didn’t want to try translating it out to some western equivalent. I did however point out it’s a Japanese legend so people wouldn’t go “well, what the fuck is that.” You can read about it here.

Also, kira stopped me having Red refer to Black as “baby” when he’s pulling his emo bit, and that makes me sad. :(

8 thoughts on “GoGo Sentai Boukenger – 01 Released

  1. DriveForce Advenger. Not sure how to feel about that one, since it’d make it hard to talk about the series between the two groups, but I have to applaud the effort, and it’s a nice change from the standard newbie-unfriendly “weeaboo” subs. Also, mad points for actually sitting down and pointing out all the references and such for those of us who haven’t seen everything Super Sentai.

    • Actually, have you considered working those into a little ‘translator notes’ portion at the end of the video?

      • It’s possible, maybe, but it’d involve either a re-encode (which isn’t the best thing to do from TV source raws this old if you can help it) or using ordered chapters which would break some players. I figure using the blog for that kind of stuff is fine – if people care, the information’s here, but you’re not forcing it down their throats.

        Anyway, translation-wise there’s stuff that if you don’t translate it the meanings become kind of lost – there’s a weapon later in the series that the vast majority of the fanbase misinterprets the meaning of because it wasn’t translated in the original subs. I figure that’s the benefit of the two sub tracks – you have the main one which translates things and make sure everything is understood, and then there’s the secondary for people who want to know what stuff is called in Japanese for looking for toys, etc.

        • I can see that. It’s really just the translation of the main team’s name that I sorta had mixed feelings on. All the other translation stuff is great though. The de facto standard for Toku Subs has just gotten worse and worse about leaving genre jargon or even just phrases they think sound cooler in Japanese either as a one-time translator note or entirely untranslated. As someone that does occasionally share these series with people who don’t have the background to know ‘Gattai’ and ‘Henshin’ it’s nice to have subs where I, Mr. “Nihongo de sukoshi wakarimasu”, don’t have to try and translate for them. Keep up the good work! I, for one, appreciate it.

  2. These are fantastic subs and I love you for doing this. Here’s hoping you’ll stick with the project for a long time.

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