Smile Precure – 09 Released

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So, here’s an episode 9. I didn’t really enjoy this episode much just because it reminded me entirely too much of Inoue-writing, though objectively speaking it wasn’t bad at all, so hopefully people unfamiliar with some of Toei’s other offerings won’t suffer from it as much as I did.

One little TL note: Akane busts out a Japanese idiom when they’re having their verbal slanging match with Aka/Red/whateverthefuckoni which is basically that “lying is the first step towards thievery”, basically implying it’s an easy way to start down a path of dishonesty and crime and yadayadayada. There’s no real good equivalent for it in English, and Nemui and I kind of wracked our brains and couldn’t come up with anything more accurate than the “Lying won’t get you anywhere!” we used that didn’t sound alien and stupid to English-speaking sensibilities, so there we have it.

Anyway, enjoy the ep!

3 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 09 Released

  1. I know you probably won’t do a v2 but doesn’t English have an idiom called “Lies have short legs” like most western languages? The traditional meaning is exactly the same, even if you lie you’ll end up going throw the “path of dishonesty and crime and yadayadayada” and it won’t be long until you’re caught.

    • Huh. It does seem to exist in English, but in a kind of hipster-y “let’s use this because it’s an interesting foreign idiom” way rather than something that people actually have ingrained into them and would recognize.

      As someone with a passing interest in etymology, the idea that English – as a very derivative language – is missing out on something other Germanic languages have is interesting to me though.

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