April Fools 2012: Kamen Rider Fourze – 28v2 Released

A brilliant new dawn awaits...

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Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was once a Galactic Empire of fansubbers. But there was a great disturbance in the Force, as allies who worked together suddenly found themselves faced with a Phantom Menace. But much like said Force, what was once one became split into a light side and a dark side. We were split from TV-Nihon, and forced onto our seperate paths, all working to the same end but forced into a situation of redundancy, an Attack of the Clones that led to the market being saturated with pointless multiple attempts at achieving the same thing.

But now there is A New Hope. Once again, we are a fully operational subbing station. By trusting in the Force, and heading for the Garden of Madness, we have once again ensured that the Empire can Strike Back. Together, we are once again united to bring the best of both worlds to your door, and there’ll be no-one to stop us this time.

Also, Star Wars.

9 thoughts on “April Fools 2012: Kamen Rider Fourze – 28v2 Released

  1. Oh god this was brilliant. It was like the worst of both worlds, and the end result was a spectacular troll. Thumbs up.

  2. Bullshit TV-N is the dark side, your both terrible on different levels.

    one leaves in japanese words to the point of retardation

    and one localizes everything to the point of changing names of characters and dialog.

    • Yes dear, thank you. Once again, your inspired opinions continue to astound us all.

      By the way, if you’ll actually read my post, I was quite deliberate in not naming either group as either side. If you read theirs, you might even be able to get the joke, and that’d be real progress for you!

  3. Anniversary present: timegold of Rangerboard wrote an insightful summary of this episode. It deserves to be under the episode itself.

    Ehhhh? Maji?! [Translation note: “Magi” = spell used by mazirenzya/Gin-Buster] Now takenokosantachi and Mr. Magenta’s audio-visual cohorts are just fuzake-ing with us. This was supposed to be a -Nei Nei Hou Hou- collaboration, but look what they threw us: it’s as if takenoko is unrestrained in power like the avatar Enter, and as if Magenta goes from group to group – including TV-Nihon, Midnight Crew Subs, and Over-Time – like the fallen gosei tenshi BluRayDolan. (Speaking of which, what happened to those Bakaryuu Sentai Abaranger subs?) Onore, takenoko. Crab you, Magenta.

    Oh well. Onto the episode itself. Tachibana seems to be testing Meteor Sakuta, because only after accepting Gentabro and the others as friends was he henshin*** into Mask Rider Ryuusei – he had to show true support to the Mask Rider Bu as much as they supported him. After all, the name’s -Tachibana-; it stands to reason that he’d test Meteo and mold him into the classic Rider archetype. He’s already donning the kamen and shedding his identity to fight from the shadows, anyway. And he’s lucky he could deshell and broil the crab so he could continue to do so. Kaniza’s problem was that he couldn’t take anything seriously – if he worked with other Horoscopes and planned how to take down Meteo before going ChouShinSei, he might’ve won.

    Where would Gentabro ever dig up yuujou like Bud and Dee in a Japanese high school? Speaking of tomodachi, Gentabro and Meteor have taken another step towards being buddies; the whole club literally let their fate lie in Meteor’s hands. The Riders’ relationship is starting to warm up – it could develop like Sakurai Yuubro/Zebronos and Brogami Brotabro/Den-bro (maybe without the part about becoming bro-in-laws). Considering the telescope and astronomy angle, it might’ve been interesting to see these groups interact, but that’ll probably not happen to any real extent, not even in Supaa Hiro Taisen Zedd.

    Meteor Sakuta got a new form – Mask Rider Ryuusei Ame. It’s very blingy and much more symmetrical; perhaps it’s because Meteor found balance, personality-wise? And having more gold and less black could be symbolic of him being less dark – after all, he and his biggest supporter Tomoko are dark characters in a dark-yet-not-dark story. In stopping Kaniza’s evolution, Ryuusei himself evolved – now his sound-effect fighting is accompanied by a weapon and a new style, plus he’s able to stop ChouShinSei explosion by absorbing Power Cosmic instead of needing to send it to space.

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