Smile Precure – 08 Released


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I wanted to hate this episode a lot because it’s such an unoriginal concept, and using it for your first damn filler reeks of desperation… but then it turned out to be pretty well handled, even if it was just another episode that was trying to make us sympathize with the stupidest living creature of all time.

One small translation note that’s not a spoiler: All Witchylina/Majolina’s (OH GOD WHAT ARE WE CALLING HER) inventions have really blatantly stupid names that are literally just what they do with an extended vowel. Allow the utter stupidity of what she names her things to fill you with a joyous satisfaction. Also, this.

Enjoy the episode!

3 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 08 Released

  1. Stop trying to hate it Magenta. Embrace the stupidness that is Comedy Cure.

    Rings just in the episode because the writers couldn’t come up with anything for the ring decor to do that wasn’t evil, had the actual rings just vanish

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