Kamen Rider Fourze – 28 Released

I'd say it makes more sense in context, but that'd imply this scene has context.

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On this week’s episode, crabs, Beyblades and hoopla.

But no, really, a really good episode this week. It had it’s oddities and downsides – the resolution felt a bit rushed, for example – but altogether I thought it was delightfully enjoyable, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it.

SD and torrent probably to come tomorrow, as I’ll almost certainly be asleep by the time they’re done uploading. :V

Anyway, there’s a lot of Kijima involved in this episode – as if you couldn’t guess – which means five thousand translation notes, which you can find after the jump.


First joke is the one he does with Gamou in their little Evil Council meeting. I tried to keep this relevant to the spirit of the original, which runs a bit like this:

Kijima: What connects a star performer with a boxer throwing pointless punches to throw a match?
Gamou: They both have to ‘nobiru!’ (Nobiru being a verb that simultaneously means ‘to stretch oneself’ and ‘to exhaust oneself’)

I tried to keep it about boxing, whilst trying to retain the homonym aspect by using a different meaning of stretch, and hope it wasn’t too atrocious. His fishing routine, whilst him goofing around still, wasn’t really wordplay so that’s literal, if anyone cares.

When the KRC steps in to offer their souls in exchange for Ryuusei’s, Kijima is asking if this is “Hashire, Melos!“. This is a piece of really famous Japanese literature… that nobody (Layzner and Aoi Bungaku fans aside!) is likely to have heard of in the West. “Hashire, Melos!” is, however, an adaptation of the ancient tale of Damon and Pythias, which has itself been adapted into more contemporary forms such as Die Bürgschaft. I feel as though leaving in a reference to obscure Japanese literature feels more like cheating than having a reference to it’s Western source, which is more likely to be the sort of thing one would not know and actually WISH to know, so there one has it.

The KRC’s jokes are all utterly atrocious. Miu’s “jokes from New York” turn out to be a homonym pun on New York – using the word ‘nyuuyoku’ meaning to take a bath. Shun… doesn’t get to do anything, bless him. Yuuki makes bad homonym puns on the planets – that the Earth (chikyuu) is suddenly bleeding (chi kyuu) and that she’s living together (dousei) with Saturn (dosei). JK… yeah, cool, nice one JK. Kengo’s routine is based around just making stupid faces, and is hence probably the most competent attempt of them all.

Gentarou’s joke – that gets the most focus – I got to play fairly verbatim. It involves two theoretical friends called Yuu and Jou that, when brought together, will achieve true friendship – the word for friendship being “yuujou.” Making it “bud” and “dee” allowed me to pun off buddies, which keeps the kind of core of the joke intact. Heat over at Over-Time went for a less literal translation involving gardening and the phrase “best buds”, which I really like and am annoyed I didn’t think of, so there we have it, my fallibility is glaringly exposed.

I’d like to point out that while “shiny new” in English has the connotation of “untested, unknown new possession”, the idea of applying it to the word ‘Supernova’ is hilarious to me, as it’s very nature kind of implies both those adjectives quite strongly. But there we go. Kijima’s line about being a star amongst stars, by the way, is referring to stars as in star performers. However, as the Horoscopes are all clad in constellation-themed armor I feel there’s no harm in a little bit of vaguery now, is there?

I’d originally translated Ryuusei’s line about Meteor being back as being “back, and better than ever.” with the latter as a translation for ‘shinka’ – meaning ‘evolved’ – which seems odd to apply to a piece of technology. However, Meteor Storm’s themesong is called “Evolvin’ Storm”, so changing it would have rather been stupid in that context.

And finally, Kijima’s last joke. Again, I tried to keep the concept of this one alive as best I could. In the original, Kijima asks what connects his defeat with a black dog – the answer he provides is that they’re both “omoshiroku nai” – which homonymically (I know that’s not a word shut up D:) means “not at all fun” and “not all that white.” So I made sure to keep the dog concept, but come up with something that worked at all in English. :V

Anyway, that’s a lot of Things. Thanks to anyone who bothers reading all this shit. <3

One thought on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 28 Released

  1. i bothered…and like it better than O.T.`s…a first-timer for me…
    well,it`s not that i dislike your piece of ”better than a certain japan-TV(TV-nihon)” but i like O.T. on,well personal issues(like,faster,and,more populair by ”friends” and ”such”)

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