Smile Precure – 07 Released

uchuu, space, number one~ sengoku precure, number one~

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script

Sup. Here’s yet another episode of this daft show where nothing makes sense and everyone’s literally too stupid to live.

It’s probably wrong I’m basically watching this for the villains now, isn’t it? Yeah, probably. Oh well.

Turn your stupidity sensors down to minimum, and enjoy the ep. <3

4 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 07 Released

  1. But it’s comedy cure everything is supposed to be dumb. It’s the Den-O of Precure.

    If you’re really starting to lose interest maybe it’ll get better when they eventually get the obligatory weapons?

    • Yeah, about then. I think this time they might just save a 6th for around the 33-34 powerup and have some kind of super mode early on instead, but idk.

  2. I’m not sure if you were being serious about the “watching it for the villains” bit, but I’m basically doing that already as I’m losing faith in this season fast.

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