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It’s difficult to know what to think about this episode. The writing is incredible but the events are bizarre. Kijima is amazing yet the most awful thing for a translator to deal with. I enjoyed watching the episode a lot, I was proud of how I handled the jokes and stuff within it, I got to channel my inner fabulous a bit more than was probably sensible, and yet somehow I feel absolutely and utterly drained.

Ah well, c’est la vie. Masses, and I mean masses, of TL notes after the jump. Also thanks to a kindly /m/ anon for letting me steal his awesome gif for the release image after I already stole his awesome gif for the release image.

Enjoy the ep!

Right, let’s see. Kijimafest 4000.

Fair warning: Normally I’d put explanations for these in the sponsor segment thing, but there were so many of them it wouldn’t have been practical. Alright, so.

The first two jokes we get from random students attempting to make Kijima laugh. These are both really bad wordplays – the first originally “Futon ga futonda!” (“My mattress blew away!”) which Kijima then responds by ~blowing the dude away~ by… cutting his sausage donut, I guess. The second one gave me a lot more trouble – “Ijimekko wo hagaijime.” (“Deal with bullies by pinning their arms!”) I kind of stumbled with this one because you see the dude pinning the arms on a mannequin as he recites it, which left me in the predicament that whatever equivalent joke I came up with in English also needed to involve pinning.

After entirely too much time trying to think of something I came up with the bowling thing. I do hope you enjoyed it.

Then we get onto a three parter – the toad jokes. The first one is literally “What do Kamen Rider Meteor and a tadpole have in common?” the answer being “Te ga deru, ashi ga deru.” For the tadpole, this has a literal meaning – “to grow arms and legs.” For Meteor it’s more metaphorical, meaning to flail around and not actually accomplish what you set out to do. Using ‘armless as a bad pun kind of covered both, I felt.

The problem is now that these jokes have a narrative, which we have to continue. The second joke says that when he does grow up and become a toad, he’ll be a toad in a well – an idiom in Japanese that basically means someone secluded and unversed in the ways of the world.  So, I made a bad toad joke about him being out of his depth and… yeah. Not saying these are masterpieces, but as you can probably tell from the way Kijima jumps around like a lunatic, he’s rather revelling in how bad his jokes are, so one isn’t to be held to a high standard in these things.

The third joke I had to take more startling liberties with. It just plain doesn’t work in English – lemme give you a little translation. “How many dudes are stronger than Kamen Rider Meteor? Fish eggs. Ikura demo iru. “Ikura demo iru” can mean both “Plenty of people!” and “There’s salmon in there!” which is funny, because he said fish eggs. The joke was not going to survive in any way, shape or form in English, so better off, I felt, just continuing the lineage of bad frog/toad jokes to maintain the aquatic narrative.

There’s a fourth joke that got a bit lost – punning off “sentaku” meaning a decision, or choice, and “sentaku” meaning laundry. Meteor says his decision is simple – he’s setting Cancer up for a fall. Cancer replies by saying that he shouldn’t do that – fallen laundry has a habit of getting dirty. By this point in the proceedings I was basically all out of muse, so I tried to keep it semi-literal by having Meteor “take Cancer down” and then Cancer saying “Like laundry? Make sure I’m clean first~!” just to grind Meteor’s gears a bit.

So yeah, six bad jokes this episode. I hope you all enjoyed suffering through them as much as I did.

Edit: Oh, right, I missed one! When Cancer’s talking about his boss wanting to know who Meteor was, I talked to some people and came to the conclusion that Cancer was trying to make a tongue-twister (Shishou ga anta no shoutai shiritakute) thing with that line, so I went for something alliterative to try and keep the spirit of it, as were. Assuming that’s what they were going for – it could have been pure co-incidence, and if so, I’m dumb.

The only other real note of, uh, note, is the hotpot. Nabe, as it’s called in Japanese, is culturally regarded as a meal that brings people together – everyone sitting around the hotpot, helping themselves and each other to food, sharing their meal together.  That’s why Yuuki suggested it as a meal, and why Gentarou responded as he did – but I wanted to clarify that is an actual Japanese belief and not just one of Gentarou’s bizarre metaphors.

Anyway, enjoy the ep.

24 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 27 Released

      • I was playing around. No one likes this localizing shit. People only dick ride you because you are better than TV-N

        also, why the FUCK did you change Fourze’s bike name? it’s a proper noun.

        • Yes, my dear, I was quite aware. There’s a little thing called sarcasm that you might like to look into one day.

          We’ve had this conversation several times on /m/ as I recall, and also when it first came up. It’s because the name has a meaning, and in this case the meaning is more important than the sanctity of the name.

          Get owned. <3

  1. How about you fucking stop taking liberties altogether and translate straight up? It’s amazing how woefully inaccurate and hilarious OverTime can be, but you guys aren’t honestly much better. We want a translation, not a localization. Fuck.

    Belated response to your black swan/vulture dilemma.

    • If you don’t like the way Aesir and Over-Time translate, why don’t you just use TV-Nihon?

    • Because contrary to popular belief, there isn’t only one way of doing these things.

      I’d actually be doing a greater dis-service by providing a literal translation because there already is a group doing a literal translation. Better to do something nobody else is doing (especially as Heat/O-T, by his own admission, has a more heavy-handed approach to stuff like Kijima’s jokes than I do) so that more audiences are catered to, right?

      Unfortunately the “we” you speak for isn’t the entire fucking internet, and even if it was, considering I do this for my own enjoyment? I still probably wouldn’t change the way I do things. I appreciate your sentiment and I know waiting for T-N can be a bit of a pain, but I don’t know why you don’t just do it and save yourself the headache rather than whining that other people are enjoying themselves.

      • I’m responding to Cheatum as well as the many utterly insane people who’d willingly contend with irrefutable fact because they’re that delusional, but you mainly. My opening sentiment is that I’ve already conceded the argument and I’m only really lending you a piece of my mind, because people who insist on ruining things for their own enjoyment are too misanthropic and autistic for me to think I have any chance at convincing them.

        >If you don’t like the way Aesir and Overshit translate…

        There is no fucking alternate ‘way’ to translate, it’s like a car running on a straight line. It’s raw speed and performance. Jarring and completely insane inaccuracies, like TRANSLATING ENGLISH LINES as Overshit insist on doing, do not somehow constitute a different way- It’s plainly worse.

        Ok. ‘I do this for my enjoyment,’ the ‘way I do’ – Way? Yeah I’m ok with you harbouring schizophrenic delusions and believing ‘Daijobu ja nai’ could mean ‘We won’t last without them’ in any context whatsoever, but your brain knows otherwise and your terrible translations do not somehow showcase your imagination nor constitute art. In fact, sometimes they greatly inconvenience people who want the plot and releasing before TV-Nihon lowers the seeds they rightfully deserve for translating correctly!

        This is the equivalent of running a car into the sidelines on a speed test and parading it as your method. Uchuu Kita has a great many variations, but half your dialogue, OT doing Greeed as Greed and changing Gokai Silver’s special attack. They’re just gross inaccuracies. Wrong.

        You two groups don’t have your ‘distinct way.’ Take up peruvian llama slaying or a salsa marathon, or hell learn to draw if you want an outlet to showcase how amazingly creative you are. Translations are about accuracy.

        Tl;dr. Japanese is vague but it doesn’t constitute rewriting every ep entirely. TV-Nihon’s subtitles without the vid would look like a different show entirely.

        • Jarlix Crescent 4:05 pm

          Buckaroo Banzai 4:05 pm
          they changed Fourze’s bike name for a pun

          wait you did?

          holy fuck come off it guys

          stop fucking trolling

        • I think I’m just going to link to both Matt Thorn and Toren Smith on this issue, who are both professional translators and are both far more capable than I (and hopefully you’ll be more inclined to listen to people who’ve actually gone pro) of poking holes in the “LITERAL ACCURACY OR BUST!!!” methodology that’s often applied by people who have little concern for fluidity of writing.



          • “And in the grand scheme of the plot, how important is it that we see Shiina’s skinny underage body?” <- Rofl, actually, at one point in the series, it is. Holding off on most of the spoilers, something extremely f'in bad happens to Shiina in volume 10 where she later gets reborn from the ocean. I wouldn't think you'd get reborn decked out in a tank top and shorts.

            Also, I find it a lil weird to believe that Mohiro Kitoh was sorta okay with everything that happened. I… suppose it's possible but, it just leaves me in a state of "wut?", if you know what I mean.

            • hey what are you doing here you traitor <3

              Also totally not the reason why I linked the article, and I'm not familiar with that work at all, but I will bow to your knowledge on the matter. :V

        • “There is no fucking alternate ‘way’ to translate, it’s like a car running on a straight line. It’s raw speed and performance.”

          What are Statements that are both patently false and objectively correct?

          I just won the daily double.

    • I’m kind of leeching off Drazic’s generosity enough as is, I feel. I might maaaaaaybe whip up a full series batch or something when the show’s done, as a lot of them got lost to the Megaupload thing and I’ll need to re-encode them anyway.

  2. Oh also please keep changing the dialog to be funnier or make more sense I don’t actually give a shit since Japanese comedy is awful if it’s not physical or making faces.

    People that complain about names changes are the same people who complained when TV-N didn’t.

    • “…since Japanese comedy is awful if it’s not physical or making faces.”

      Oh god, this. A thousand times THIS. That Audrey episode of Fresh Pretty Cure was bad enough, and that was only like 4 lines.

      • I feel your pain :(

        Edit: Actually, I’m going to link this. http://edge.org/3rd_culture/boroditsky09/boroditsky09_index.html

        I’ve been thinking about this since the ep aired, and University Challenge the other night actually brought this concept to my attention. It’s obvious in retrospect but not something one thinks about too often – that not only does language in and of itself have different ways of making things funny, but that in and of itself it shifts the very way we think about humor.

        Japanese is a much more utilitarian language, so I think from the Japanese mindset, the idea that you can use the language itself to create humor – by making homonym puns and other wordplay – rather than just as a vehicle to deliver funny stories or jokes, is much more engaging and intriguing to them. Dajare (cheap wordplay puns like Kijima’s taken up as of late) are actually something I’ve found myself much more enjoying since really getting into Japanese, perhaps precisely because they are so cringe-inducing and I like that kind of bad humor.

        I don’t dislike Kijima’s jokes, anyway. He’s fun.

  3. Over-Time is pretty awesome but you have topped them with your handling of Kijima’s antics. I tip my hat off to you! (I should probably get a hat first…) Now I’m curious as to how TV-Nihon is handling him.

  4. i just wanted to put m 2 cents in. Before people start bitching magenta you overly localized the subs *whine* whine* *moan* *moan* etc.. that there one thing they should realize before the start complaining. Do you guys even look when the episode gets released ? It’s looks something like this:

    HD Torrent | HD DDL | SD DDL
    Clean Script | Typeset Script

    as you can see the subs are right under the torrent/ddl. OH SNAPS maybe if you people weren’t such noobs you dl the subs as well as the episode go in to a subtitle editor and weebo up them subs just the way you like change genny to gen-chan and whatever else you want to change hell you can even change the translation where you know what there saying or not is another matter some weebos like to claim the speak ninhongo but they don’t and bitch when something is localized for english.


    sides aesir has better quality when it comes to encoding

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