Smile Precure – 06 Released (and news!)

candy displays a wealth of emotions in a moving and beautifully-acted scene.

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So, this is a thing. Welcome to the exciting joint between our lovely Aesir lovely lovely love, and the excellent sexy folks over at Anxious-Helium. When they approached us for the joint I was a little apprehensive, but they’ve all been sweet folks to work with and our styles seem remarkably compatible. We’ve tried to strike a nice balance of picking the better parts of our own styles to create this delicious conglomeration, but we’re still fine-tuning things a bit, so feel free to leave critique on which bits of what you’d prefer us keep and what-have-you and we’ll try and hone this into a lean mean sexy machine <3

Personally speaking, it’s really awesome having a full team with TLCs and typesetters and all those things one dreams of as a poor lonely fansubber. Alas. We hope you enjoy this because I feel like this is a lot better than I could do solo and I hope they feel the same lest they cast me away upon realizing I only love them for their peeaivo.


14 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 06 Released (and news!)

  1. I knew you’d love our sexy typesetter. That’s why I compliment him every time 1,000+ lines of TS shows up. :(

  2. Disclaimer: at this point I have not seen episode 6 due to backlog and whatnot. I don’t want to wait until I have seen episode 6 because by then my opinion could be completely irrelevant. I thus currently do not know whether there are any problems or if everything’s fine.

    My immediate concern by this news is that I really, really support the translation and editing style that you have, Magenta, so the threat from any joint is that this gets watered down. I am particularly worried by some of the choices previously made by the Anxious team, so any compromises you’re making on a translation or editing front are likely to be major blows.

    Sure, more reliably timely releases and nice typesetting are benefits, but to me are not even remotely as important as the life you bring to scripts. Just know that you have fans who will be upset if you don’t stand your ground.

    • This ep was awfully light on needing to make major decisions about stylistics (for instance, none of the villains whose names I translated are referred to by name) but I’m personally really happy with how the script came out. Anything I took issue with in the TLC/editing passes I pointed out and we came up with a compromise that pleased everyone.

      The only thing was I totally forgot to consider OP/ED translations before we released and I really like my ED TL more, but I can fight for that next week I guess.

    • Weird, I immediately liked it because my first thought about the one I’m using is it’s a bit overly curved and thin, and this is much more clear and easy to read. This seems to be a running trend in the feedback but oddly most of us are fine with it.

      So yeah, any further opinions on the font so I can know if we’re just being silly in sticking to our guns are appreciated, merci.

  3. nice to hear you have help. Also Pop is really really cool and I want to see more of him. (Cool? *shys away*)

  4. Only thing I’m taking issue with so far is the pointless engrish spelling in the OP and ED.

  5. I seriously like your karaoke styling and positioning of song lyrics much, much better. Speaking of which, translation text sometimes overlaps with furigana or credits, but even so I like it much, much better than Anxious’ karaoke. And Dark_Sage evidently agrees. The new karaoke does have typographic apostrophes though. Normal subtitles still don’t.

    Oh, and the chapter with the ending is called ‘Closeing’? Really?

    As for the font, I thought it was fine, although square dots with borders around them highlighting the square shape looked weird at first.

    Overall, good job! The episode itself could have been better though… :P

    • [13/03/12 – 20:21:16] {Magenta} >muxes SD
      [13/03/12 – 20:21:19] {Magenta} >goes to check it
      [13/03/12 – 20:21:21] {Magenta} >Chapter: Closeing
      [13/03/12 – 20:21:33] {Magenta} i’m remuxing this how could you guys make such an AMATEUR mistake god
      [13/03/12 – 20:22:58] {Magenta} [Ø] CRC of file [Aesir-Anxious]Smile_Precure_-_06SD[30028490].mp4 (197824745b): 30028490
      [13/03/12 – 20:24:17] {peeaivo} Magenta: your amateur aura makes us do things like that 8/
      [13/03/12 – 20:24:25] {peeaivo} it can’t be herped
      [13/03/12 – 20:24:30] {Magenta} ;.;
      [13/03/12 – 20:26:11] {peeaivo} Don’t worry, though. My love for you has only strengthened because of it. May the God of Love be amongst us for all eternity.
      [13/03/12 – 20:26:57] {Magenta} oh i see
      [13/03/12 – 20:26:59] {Magenta} i’m a dojikko?
      [13/03/12 – 20:27:34] {peeaivo} yes, that’s why I love you the most.
      [13/03/12 – 20:34:05] {skylarhawk} sorry Magenta, I fail
      [13/03/12 – 20:34:12] {skylarhawk} it happens a lot really ;_;
      [13/03/12 – 20:34:13] {Magenta} i’m joking <3
      [13/03/12 – 20:34:39] {skylarhawk} he sure is tsundere
      [13/03/12 – 20:34:48] {Magenta} oh no
      [13/03/12 – 20:34:52] {Magenta} you figured out my secret
      [13/03/12 – 20:34:59] lol, actually, I’m pretty sure I wrote that chapters file back for Tamayura
      [13/03/12 – 20:35:09] and I’ve been copying it and just changing the times for so many episodes
      [13/03/12 – 20:35:25] all with a chapter spelled “Closeing”

    • ‘Karaoke’ in the first sentence of my previous post should have had a strikethrough, but amusingly the sentence still makes sense. Slightly different sense though.

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