Kamen Rider Fourze – 26 Released

What the hell am I doing heeeeere~? I don't belong heeeere~

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In which Shun is moe as fuck.

There’s not really much to talk about, translation-wise, this ep. No stupid jokes, no gimmicky things to deal with, no new terminology, just good strong well-written character drama, to the point that if there was anything I’d have wanted to talk about, I was in such a lovely trance of translating and writing that I wasn’t really thinking about how it’d be interesting to talk about.

For my definition of interesting, that is.

I think the only thing to really talk about is the song used in this ep – “Saite”, meaning “Bloom.” (as a verb). It’s a bit obtusely written and odd, and that turns out to be because it was originally a much heavier thrashier Everset song they adapted into the slow dance number used in this ep. It took me a while to kind of get what they were actually going for with a few of these things, and I’ve done my best to preserve the poetic nature of the song, because Japanese song grammar is a bizarre and twisted thing that one cannot place one’s trust in.

Anyway, please enjoy the ep!

3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 26 Released

  1. A really great ep. It’s nice to see Ryuusei finally working his way into the group. I had my concerns about him for a while after his arrival, when it honestly didn’t feel like they had much idea what to really do with him, and his presence really sorta threw off the tone of the show for me, sorta warping the show to serve his purposes (From a strictly writing standpoint, mind). Me and one of my friends even had a ‘Oh, there’s Ryuusei’s idiot field at work again’ joke going for whenever Meteor’s presence had someone suddenly become less than they should have been so his star could shine. The character’s changed for the better, and this arch cements it. They found a niche for him, and one he fits well, actually filling out the cast, rather than some quasi-antagonistic appendage that honestly felt tacked on to me. Maybe it’s because they rewrote him so quickly before his premiere (Didn’t they say a month before his premier that he’d be an Alien?), but it’s great to see him actually offering something to the ensemble.

    • The alien thing was just rumor-mongering amongst the “make shit up because we don’t know anything concrete” crowd.

      But yeah, I really like Ryuusei. His actor pulls off all sides of his dynamic well, and he’s really starting to fit in as part of the team. If the next arc really is going to strip away that which keeps him seperate from the group, he should be going somewhere interesting.

  2. Ah, I thought the alien thing had been published in an official magazine or something. But yeah, if his secret’s out, that should be fun. Me and my friends actually have some “bets” on the reactions of certain characters, as some of us think that X character already knows, but is keeping quiet, or that Y character suspects, or X and Y are both clueless, or that Z’s the one who figured it out, that sorta thing.

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