Smile Precure – 04 Released


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tobikome kiki no saizensen

Okay actually I should probably clear this up. I did say back when I took on Smile that if Go-Busters was any good – and I ended up doing it – I’d probably drop Smile to make way for it. And, uh, I haven’t… because I like Smile. D: However, I do reserve the right to invoke that option if necessary and I get too burned out, but all three shows have been good so far so hopefully they’ll keep me motivated enough to be happy with literally having no time at the weekend.

One other thing: We’re using 10-bit encodes for our HD now. Ride the wave of the future, awww yeah.

Anyway, translation stuffs after the jump, as ever.

First off, let’s get this out of the way: Didn’t really enjoy TLing this ep. It was a good ep, don’t get me wrong, but it had a lot of things to really get on my nerves – annoying idioms and other things that prove difficult to translate, along with the word ‘kizuna’ being over-used too much. Kizuna literally means ‘bonds’, as in that which ties people together, but if you start throwing that word around in English as much as ‘kizuna’ is thrown around in Japanese, the entire thing starts looking incredibly goddamn stupid. As such, one has to find ways of translating around the word and conveying the concept in a less direct and more natural-sounding manner, which is great, but it kind of starts having effects on the overall narrative when the term is constantly getting brought up in reference to it’s previous uses and one’s constantly dodging around it with one’s wording.

You can see where the issues – and headaches – arise.

Anyway, actual TL notes. When the student council president arrives, he is referred to by name as Irie. That’s cool, but he’s referred to in full as “Irie-seitokaichou” or “Student Council President Irie.” As this sounds utterly retarded in English, and there’s two people saying it at once, I decided to present it as one person saying the name and the other saying the title, which gets the information across without sounding incredibly awkward in English.

When the kids are playing catch with Candy, one of them shouts “pompokopom!” This is a reference to the old myth that tanukis – raccoon dogs – would inflate their bellies and play them as a drum, and it’d make that beat. Which is a neat bit of trivia, but would either have required a TL note or would have been utterly baffling, so I went for a vaguely similar noise-based “Boing!” in the attempt to not alienate people too much. Also, boing.

I had a bit of fun with the rock-paper-scissors scene. When Candy’s all “I chose scissors I am winner”, Akane’s retort is more like “How exactly is that meant to be scissors?!” but it’s so blunt in it’s tone that something more blunt seemed appropriate when rendering it in English. And the result is what you see.

AkaRedoni makes a reference to an idiom when he shows up, using a variant of “naku ko ga inai” – literally meaning “there’s nobody crying” and meant to be a “well i don’t see anyone complaining about it.” He however, changes ‘naku’ to ‘yoi’, a verb meaning ‘crying’ into an adjective meaning ‘good’ or ‘happy’.  “There’s no-one happy about it!” and then Akane ‘corrects’ his use of the idiom to “There’s no-one crying about it.” This would have sounded so ridiculously unnatural in English, being a bizarre reference to an idiom and wordplay that doesn’t even make goddamn sense from an English perspective that I felt a “could/couldn’t care less” mistake would be a similar thing for her to correct him over, and allowed me to set the tone without sounding utterly goddamn stupid.

Anyway, that’s a lot of notes. Enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 04 Released

  1. It’s about time. Don’t be late for episode 5 or I’ll totally switch to doremi! >:T
    A-anyway, thank you… f-for the release.

  2. Thanks for continuing the series and providing us with translation notes, it’s very much appreciated.
    I watched another sub for this episode first, and had a feeling some of the dialogue they translated was a bit too literal, coming off as a little awkward. Your version is a lot more natural, and made the episode a lot easier to enjoy.

    • Oh, right, I should probably make a note of that in the release posts for 3+4.

      Yeah, we’re using 10-bit now for the HD. Asahi’s broadcast streams are already not great so anything one can do to help preserve the detail that is there is most welcome.

    • It’d be extra distro bandwidth/encoding work that I really don’t think we could manage considering all our shows basically air at the same time. If someone wants to take the initiative and mux an 8-bit encode with our scripts though, I am totally alright with that.

  3. Oh no wonder it wouldn’t work, I converted the mp4’s to avi’s and they wouldn’t play on either TV’s we have. Guess it’s back to doremi subs :/

    • The SD is still 8-bit, so I have no clue why they wouldn’t work if you’re transcoding them properly (not to mention you can still transcode 10-bit anyway)

    • next week is the third villian which is the witch from the fairy tail white snow so we say goodbye to redoni for now

  4. Is the 10bit thing the reason why the color looks weird and their faces are red in the opening and why the picture sometimes looks blocky? Its like that for ep 3 and 4.

  5. Is anything different with the encode other than 10bit? I’m getting weird issues and I’ve never had a problem with 10bit files before.

    Once the ending starts it goes super fast and out of sync…o.O;

    • It’s variable frame rate (the ED is 24fps whereas the main ep is 30 – because of the weird 3D CGI they’re using) but it has been since ep 1, so unless it’s some weird combination of the 10-bit and the vfr that’s causing it for you I don’t know what it could be.

      Again, have you tried updating your codecs, what player are you using, the usual questions.

    • No prob! That’s generally the fix-all solution, beyond the obvious one of “we messed something up” which I am never prepared to discount.

    • See the reply to jj earlier: Just try one (or both!) of those two solutions and see if either of them work for you. Generally, if your computer is semi-modern (at least dual core) you should be totally fine with 10-bit, so updating your programs fixed most issues.

  6. @I installed the new CCCP, and now I can play the 10 bit videos, but it goes super fast and out of sync, the image is playing to quick and the sound not.

  7. As far as my computer goes, updating the codecs fixed everything. But now I ran it through PS3 media server and the same thing happens. At first I thought it was the media server but I downloaded another group’s version of the same episode that is also in 10-bit with VRF and it plays fine…?

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