Smile Precure – 03 Released

please make this suffering end

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So, sorry for the delay on this – various lazies from all sides of the team and by the time we had it done I figured might as well just double release with 4. A++++ me. Also, I am now utterly burned out having done Go-Busters, Fourze and Smile (4) within like 36 hours. Please kill me.

Of note is the fact we’re using 10-bit encodes now for our HD. The SD will be 8-bit as usual (why wouldn’t it be, it’s there for compatibility) but delicious 10-bit nom nom nom all the way on the HD. Sorry, Mace. :V

Anyway, enjoy. Translation notes after the jump – at least, the ones I can remember. Christ.

I don’t just mean that because it’s been ages – I have four different shows worth of shit I’m trying to keep seperate in my head. Pretty rockin’.

Okay, so let’s see. First up, our new enemy commander, Akaoni. I kinda didn’t know what to do with this one. His name is Akaooni, technically, with a long “o”. He is, however, a red oni. The joke is ‘aka’ means ‘red’. The imagination that has gone into this name is literally non-existant. But I really didn’t know how to translate it. Doing a full translation to like, Redevil or Redemon or something would be hilariously easy, but it felt kind of cheap because onis are kind of their own seperate thing. But does leaving that really give me an excuse to not translate the word ‘red?’ Can I not find a decent sounding translation for ‘oni?’ Thoughts, thoughts, but in the end I just stuck with Redoni. It’s 50/50 and might seem half-hearted but I think it’s the best thing for it.

So Peace’s transformation gimmick is that she uses rock-paper-scissors. The kind of reference here, which is incredibly obvious to some and seems to elude others, is that doing scissors is basically just doing a peace sign. Get it, she’s Cure Peace. It’s funny.

When Akane brings in the okonomiyaki, I did a thing I like doing for Cultural Shit which is writing a translation explanation into the dialogue. I had Akane refer to it as the “pride of Osaka” – despite saying no such thing – just to ascertain that it’s an Osakan dish and hence would logically be associated with her and stereotype her as that funny Osakan girl who does funny Osakan things. I had to do this in an ep of Fourze recently to explain the concept of rakugo, and it seemed to go across okay, so apologies to the “but she didn’t say that!” folks.

By the way, there’s one small typo in the ep I didn’t think it was worth putting distro through the trouble of redownloading for, and that’s “contest” accidentally becoming “context” on one line. The script I’ll post on the archive will have it fixed, so if you’re a real stickler for that shit feel free to remux, I guess.

{Momo-nee} magenta
{Momo-nee} smile 3 the class is entering a contest?
{Magenta} yayoi is
{Momo-nee} cause at 05:19: Why did you nominate me for the context
{Magenta} lol
{Magenta} whoops
{Momo-nee} (╯‵Д′)╯彡┻━┻

Anyway, enjoy!

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