Kamen Rider Fourze – 24 Released

it can't be helped

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SD to follow later today.

Anyway, good ep! This has been a fun arc, and the show’s really been on a roll with it’s writing as of late. And to top it off, this ep was fairly simple to do and there’s nothing really to discuss from a translation standpoint.

…except, well. I’m kind of regretting a Thing I did last ep that carried into this one. The Japanese word for swan is ‘hakuchou’ – which literally means “white bird.” Black swans are specifically referred to as “kokuchou” – “black bird”, despite there being plenty of other black birds. JK has a line about him being, literally, “more of a black swan than a white one”, which works in Japanese – but as English doesn’t make specific mention of the color when referring to white swans, I translated kokuchou as ‘vulture’ to get the point across in a fairly clean way that had a more interesting take on Cygnus’ mentality: preying on the weak and disadvantaged to guide them into his flock.

Considering the arc is really blatant in being just a massive reference to Black Swan, I’m kind of regretting that as a decision. While it was perhaps a clever way of dealing with the pure linguistic aspect of the line, it kind of killed that reference, and was perhaps a liberty too far. My apologies, I guess.

Anyway, enjoy the ep.

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